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Affordable Small Business Websites that are Incredibly Easy to Edit
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Affordable Small Business Websites that are Incredibly Easy to Edit

"You can get a Website ANYWHERE, but what's really hard to find is a quality level of support AFTER your website is setup. We encourage you to do some research on us or anyone you are considering buying your website from. Find out what things are like afterwards when you're going to need some help making changes."


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The importance of using a UNIQUE and Strong Password in Your Online Accounts
on Saturday, October 15 2016
Like it or not, computers are a part of every aspect our lives and because were creatures of habit, we tend to use the same password for everything. Sometimes we even get a little creative and change it up for certain websites that have more important information like online banking; but for the most part we use one email address and one password for every website we have an account with. Where this practice can ...
How do I know if a Domain Renewal Notice is Real or Fake?
on Thursday, October 6 2016
How does a small business owner truly know if that domain name renewal notice or hosting renewal notice is real or fake? Well we've written a blog article to help you understand a little bit more about your domain name. And we've even included a short checklist of ways to verify. However, nothing beats a phone call to us so we can just tell you over the phone if an email you've received is legitimate or not. (888) 987-7771
What is the “Speed of Awesome”
on Tuesday, October 4 2016
Everyone’s heard of the speed of light and the speed of sound, but what is the speed of awesome?Is it a measurement to identify how fast a task is completed? No, not really… The Speed of Awesome is a concept, rather a mindset of how a task is accomplished that I developed many years ago when working in a variety of different industries. It takes into account different attributes with the ...

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Modern Web Studios Small business start up kit for small businesses

Just a few of our thoroughly impressed clients...

"Wow!!!! I just can't believe what an awesome website I have now, thanks to John and Rick and the team at Modern Web Studios! After spending 3 years using other developers and also trying to do it myself, I almost gave up. I'm so glad that I didn't because I decided to look at reviews on Angie's List and Modern Web Studios really stood out to me. I also called a few of their customers and got very good reviews from them. John answered the phone when I called and after talking to him about my situation and him listening to me very patiently, I felt so comfortable with the team at Modern Web Studios creating my new website..."    Read More


After our initial purchase we were contacted by Rick. Everyone has been wonderful to work with. It feels like we hired whole new marketing department. Rick and his team put a lot of effort into their work and they know all the tips and tricks to meet our goals. I simply explain what I want to happen and they work their magic.

They're very easy to talk to, taking time to explain things more than once..."    Read More

A Plus Animal Solutions

"The experience was amazing and it is ongoing. John Taylor, our web designer, is a priceless gem, who was able to meet our company's needs and my exacting expectations without a hitch. John met every challenge. We wanted a new look and responsive website. This was no problem for John, who was challenged to build us a custom website by creating his own responsive template from scratch to meet our needs. There was no store bought template for us! If the standard photo shopped pictures were not quite right for the various themes we wanted to depict on our site's Home page, John worked his magic and combined elements into custom scenes. If are old product shots were looking their age, again not a problem since John does really good photography..."    Read More


"Modern Web Studios provided a solid, customer relevant web site design. They listened to my requirements and developed a solution that was an exact fit for my needs. We did several iterations to get it right...they worked with me through the process, had a lot of patience and delivered to my expectations. They wouldn't quit until I was satisfied.

They also provided me with web site change training so that I could continue to update the website at my convenience. Modern Web Studios provided this training as part of a complete package of design, hosting, and support. In addition, they have provided 100% online capability since we switched to their hosting support service..."    Read More

Working Knowledge CSP

"I feel really fortunate to have found this web design company on Angie’s List. We have small family owned heating and air conditioning business (Air Done Right) in Philadelphia, PA and we didn’t have much money in our budget to invest in a web page, well at least we didn’t think we had enough… but then we found John at Modern Web Studios. John was able to bring our vision full front and center at a price we could afford. Our site has all the bells and whistles, cool graphics, all the pictures/icons you can think of, even a blog. The guys at Modern Web Studios have also put together a series of tutorial videos (very user-friendly) on how to manage and edit your websites content..."    Read More

Racqueal Goodwin
Air Done Right HVAC

"They did an excellent job. I get compliments on my website all the time. The ongoing support is awesome as well because all I have to do is e-mail a new photo or new testimonial to them and they put it in for me. I know I have access to edit the website whenever I want to but because I'm out in the field each day and not near a computer I don't have time to do any updates. So I just pay them a really reasonable fee to do my updates for me. When I say reasonable I mean it's not even minimum wage! But they don't complain because they say it's so quick and easy to get in paste the testimonial and get out; that it's sort of hard to charge at all. It saves me some time which translates to money..."    Read More

Bobby Wilson
New Beginnings Landscape


A Quick Note About Our Reputation...

We encourage you to scour the internet for a bad word about us. That's not pompous pride, it's confidence!  We work VERY hard at earning a continuous smile on our customer's faces and in doing so, we receive a constant growing of praises on the quality and quantity of our support.  Please take a few moments to review us to help contribute to those praises on our Facebook page... Click here to read our reviews or review us on Facebook!

We now offer Blog/Article Writing for our Clients! 

Why choose us for YOUR Small Business Website?
Well, let's look at the details....

Small Business Websites Package for Small Businesses that need an inexpensive Website

Small Business Websites - A website that best fits YOUR Small Business!

Your New Small Business Website can be up and running TODAY!

We have streamlined the process of setting small business websites up to the point where we can get all of your content management system, the website template/framework, the content, photos, and forms installed and configured in a very short period of time. This leaves us with the important part of your website, which is making it unique to your company where we insert your logos and social media links and company details.

Small Business Websites Package for Small Businesses that need an inexpensive Website

Small Business Websites - A website that best fits YOUR Small Business!

Fast and Reliable Hosting!

Our Web Servers are lightning fast and extremely reliable. Not only do we provide you with genuinely caring, toll-free, tech support, but we will always provide you with a tech support person that's right here in the US, not some foreign support contractor reading from some list of canned answers, that couldn't care less about your problem. Every member of our staff is a seasoned professional with many years of experience in not just Design, programming or development, but also small business ownership. We specifically look for employees and partners that understand a small business and what a small business owner goes through each day.

We make backups every other day locally and off site weekly, so there's nothing to worry about because your website will be backed up and can be restored in no time if something happens. However, on a page-by-page basis, we have a really cool and easy-to-use archiving process that allows you to save a backup copy of the page you're working on so you can restore it back to its previous version.

Small Business Websites Package for Small Businesses that need an inexpensive Website

Small Business Websites - A website that best fits YOUR Small Business!

Content is all done for you!

We do all the work for you! All of our websites come pre-packed with content (text, content placed photos, galleries, list of services and products, contact form, a very detailed and useful quote request form, and more). All written and designed by a small business owner so it's content that is perfectly written for a small business like yours! Of course you can easily go in and customize any of it. Also, your price will include having us insert any content you provide us with and styling it to fit the theme of your website.

Small Business Websites Package for Small Businesses that need an inexpensive Website

Demo of our Small Business Websites - Choose the website that best fits YOUR Small Business!

Super Easy-to-Use Web-based Editor!

Our Content Management System (also known as CMS) is the reason people stay with us over the years. It's not just our beautiful websites or our personal touch when it comes to a technical support call, but it's our extremely easy to use website editor that our customers absolutely love. It's because time saved is money made in business now-a-days. The time you save adding a quick photo to your gallery or changing some wording on your "About us" page, means more time you can be cranking out that next job and making money. We understand the importance of not wasting time learning a complicated  website system and this is why we've made our CMS the most efficient and easy-to-use website system out there.

With our CMS system you can access your website from any computer or mobile device and make changes to your website. You don't have to buy and install any software to edit your website. You don't even have to learn HTML because editing your small business website is as easy as editing a Word document.

There are many small businesses that hire someone that claims they can build the website but usually fail miserably leaving the small business owner in bad position because he or she has invested a lot of marketing money and time into something they can even access to fix it. This will be a thing of the past for you because you will have full access to your website to control the content and do whatever you need to... WHENEVER you need to, and without having to rely on someone else to do it for you. The best part is we are here to support you at no extra charge!

Small Business Websites Package for Small Businesses that need an inexpensive Website

Small Business Websites - A website that best fits YOUR Small Business!

Highly Configurable Website!

Because we "Small Business People" are all about customizing and changing things to make them better and cooler, we have incorporated a bunch of highly configurable sections of your website so you can customize them to your liking. Go on, add some animation effects, put some drop shadows in, add some borders and frames, and make that content look the way you wanted to so you can show off your small business properly. With two clicks of the mouse you can put three-dimensional looking shadows, borders, and effects on basic photos and take your content to a whole new level without even having to crack open Photoshop or taking a course on design or development. We firm believers in being able to customize your content without having to sacrifice valuable time to make it look so good.

Small Business Websites Package for Small Businesses that need an inexpensive Website

Demo of our Small Business Websites - Choose the website that best fits YOUR Small Business!

All the SEO Tools you'll need to get your site to the top!

All of our websites come with the tools built in to enhance your content with as many keywords and phrases as you want, to get your small business website at the top of every search engine out there. All of your pages will have search engine friendly URLs so your keywords will be in your page name as well as throughout all the title areas within your web page. You will build to completely control all of your meta-tags (meta-keywords and meta-descriptions) as well as hidden text that search engines look at when they consider your page when deciding who gets the top position.

Small Business Websites Package for Small Businesses that need an inexpensive Website

Small Business Websites - A website that best fits YOUR Small Business!

Upgrades to give your small business Website the WOW factor!

There are so many features that can be added to your small business website to enhance your visitor's experience. The best part is they're all completely configurable to work for you to say the message you want and HOW you want to say it! Bringing your site to life with interactive elements that grab your visitor's attention and gets them to respond is what an effective website is all about. It's one thing to get them to your website but it's a whole other thing to impress them with something that stands out in a crowd of competition and make them give you a call or fill out the quote request form to get the ball rolling and become your next big account.

With our add-ons, we setup the initial module for you and configure it and train you on how to use its settings and options then your off and running and changing out messages and specials whenever you want. We make it easy and fast because when we use our own system, it saves us time as well which means we make more money. We're constantly improving our system by developing new creative ways to make your small business website more impressive and coming out with more add-ons as technology advances and our creative juices flow.

Small Business Websites Package for Small Businesses that need an inexpensive Website

Unlimited Pages, Forms, and Galleries!

Using our CMS, you can create additional pages, forms and galleries. Some small businesses have a gallery for every type of product or service they do. You can make your own custom quote request form for every department as well...Service  Quote Request Form, Custom Product Quote Request Form, Survey Form, you name it! You can customize each form with all the questions you want to ask specifically for each type of service or product.

Small Business Websites Package for Small Businesses that need an inexpensive Website

Connect Your New Small Business Website with Your Social Media Business Page!

We will insert all your social media links for you and even embed YouTube Videos, a Twitter Feed, a Facebook Feed, or an Instagram Feed so your website is always current as you update your social media. This gives you a fresh small business website with ever-changing content without you having to go in and manually put it on your website!

Small Business Websites Package for Small Businesses that need an inexpensive Website

We believe that quality service will keep you with us!

We don't need to lock you into a long-term contract to keep your business. We're confident that not only will you stay with us for many years to come because of the quality of our support and the benefit of our CMS, but we will also gain new business from all the customers you refer to us because you're so happy. It's very simple, if you do good work you attract good customers and you enjoy good long-term small business relationships.

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