Hosting Agreement

    Your Hosting Package:

    Includes: Hosting, Premium One-on-One Support, Complete Backups, WordPress Core Security Patches/Updates as well as all Plugin Updates

    Agreement/Terms: All prices are based on an agreed number of web pages and complexity of design (mentioned above or in the details of the invoice/order). Increasing the number of web pages, making additional changes, adding design elements, adding additional features, or modifying features that are not specified above will increase the final price. Additionally, any changes to the originally planned website, delays in customers content submission, delayed customer approvals, adding additional features, or modifying features that are not specified above will potentially prolonging the completion date. We will be providing you, the customer, with a live demo or screen shot of the theme/template we will be using for your website's framework (i.e., the menu, header, background, color scheme, etc.) prior to any customization to ensure your satisfaction with the overall look and feel of your website. Once the purchase is made, our team of graphic designers and programmers immediately go to work on the initial setup of the Content Management System (CMS), designing various elements that will be implemented into your website, purchasing licensed photographs, and possibly sub-contracting portions of the project(s). Therefor, the compensation is non-negotiable and non-refundable after signing this contract regardless of whether you choose for the website to go “live” (public) or remain offline until you are ready to officially launch the website (even if you decide you no longer want the website). You understand that before gaining access to the back-end of your website or the website is launched, you must approve via email or phone that the website is completed and satisfactory therefor ready to launch or ready for you to take over and begin editing your content (either of which will complete the initial “setup” stage). For our pre-designed websites we provide a demo that shows you exactly how the template/theme of your website will appear and function, so there is no uncertainty to how the finished website will look or function. For our customized templates/themes, you will see the framework of the template/theme in advance and we will customize the colors and textures to your specifications (described above in this contract if you've requested customization of any kind). For our completely custom designed website templates/themes we will build the framework and functionality to your specifications (described above in this agreement). Notwithstanding any other provision in this agreement, Modern Web Studios and Tech Support Inc. (MWS) and Associates expressly retains full ownership of any programming code, including all associated rights of use, especially that which MWS and Associates​ has developed for its own use. Any material provided by you the customer for the website, such as photos, text, artwork, graphics, designs, trademarks, and/or the like, must be owned or licensed by you to use. You will indemnify and hold MWS and Associates​ harmless from all losses and claims, including attorneys fees and legal expenses, that may result from a third party claim related to the materials you provide. Any unpaid charges for services pertaining to the build, maintenance or extended servicing of your website must be made current and maintained in good standing. This includes, but is not limited to: website build charges, additional plug-in subscriptions, hosting, social media, Search Engine Optimization efforts, email and more. Failure to bring current and maintain these costs and charges will result in a suspension of your website. The site will be suspended within as little as 2 weeks of the initial notification. This will also cause any other related services that are associated with your website to be suspended as well. Furthermore, re-connection charges will occur in addition to any past due balances to reactivate the site. If the account is not brought current within 90 days of the initial notification the site will be permanently removed from the servers. The hosting support charges incur even if your site is not launched, as the site (even under construction) is taking up the server and resources. Some of the programs utilized for this website are discounted because they are licensed under Modern Web Studios. Additional charges may apply if you choose to move to another hosting provider for direct licensing. Some programs are not possible to be moved for this licensing reason. Be sure to ask if you have any questions regarding licensing.

    By signing, you agree that you understand the obligation to pay the entire balance and allow MWS and Associates to complete the website and/or services provided for in this agreement (regardless of customer delays or if you cancel at any point after signing this agreement). If a feature or any form of functionality is not stated in this agreement, it is not implied or included. Please ensure this agreement states any and all features or functionality needed. Remember, simply having a website will not guarantee you business or sales, you need to market your website to bring visitors to it. MWS does not guarantee any search engine ranking unless you are ordering an SEO campaign. Ask your sales representative for more information about our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. MWS does not write your content for you unless you are ordering our Content Writing Service. Ask your sales representative for more information about our Content Writing services. Customers who wish to partake in online sales are encouraged to educate themselves in buyer/ seller rights, limitations and policies for associated payment processors. Also and local, state or federal tax and sales laws that online sales my fall within. Modern Web Studios is not responsible for supplying this information, monitoring your site for compliance or enforcement. You agreed to maintaining a good standing with our accounting department and make sure your balance current/paid and failure to do so may result in suspension of your website and any other services. Hosting charges begin the day of initial set-up (not the day the website is publicly visible or made "live") because once a website domain is added to our server it will require resource consuming programs as well as storage space. Our CMS System is a proprietary software that can only be utilized on our servers. Should you choose to move to another hosting company, you will lose the ability to edit your website through our CMS system. MWS will not be responsible for migrating the content and features but will provide you with a copy of your website should you choose to move to another server. In the event of non-payment, Hosting services will stop and the above mentioned website will go offline and there will be a re-connection fee of $25 (as well as any past due balance) prior to service being reactivated. This will also cause potentially long term effects in your search engine ranking. Cancellation of Hosting requires notice of no less than 30 days in writing. MWS will continue to provide you, during the period of this contract and/or Hosting services, with ongoing quality tech support, including training in how to use our CMS, because we take great pride in empowering our customers in taking full control of their website. Customer web content must not contain adult subjects, material, pictures or videos. Website must contain content viewable for all ages. By purchasing a website from us, you agree to our terms of service found here: so please read through our terms of service agreement or contact us directly if you have any questions about your website meeting our requirements.

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