Credits List and How They Work

To ensure that your website is built with efficiency and the whole process is fair for both Modern Web Studios and You, we’ve implemented a credit system. You will receive an initial 20 credits for your website. This is in addition to the initial build that will have already included everything that’s in your website agreement. The purpose of the credit system is to limit the number of revisions and time we spend on the design and adjustments of your website. As you can probably imagine if we do not limit this, some customers will make changes on top of changes on top of changes and there will be no end to the work. However, this also means your website will never be launched! If you run out of credits, you’ve reached the completion of your website and will need to request a quote for the additional work. We encourage you to plan out your website so that you utilize your pre-allocated credits on the most important aspects of your website. And maybe reserve the additional revisions for yourself once you learn how easy and fun it can be to edit your own website with our support and easy to follow video tutorials.

Note: You can click on a row and it will highlight it so you can choose what you’re looking for. Click it again to remove it.

Description of Task Credits
Initial setup of the Website Theme and Content Management System (includes the number of pages that was on the original agreement)
Domain Name – Setup Forward and/or Point other Domain to our server 1
Create Additional Pages – Content Insertion and Styling (Per Page. Keep in mind, the initial website already included the set number of initial pages) 1
Revisions (example: Change phone number, change color of menu drop down & change button styles all = 1 Credit) Quoted per request 1
Change out a Slide (Customer’s Design) 1
Change out a Slide (Plus Design it, revisions are 1 credit each) 2
Change out a logo if it’s ready to drop in (in addition to the initial drop in) 1
Content Writing – Simple (priced per page of 250 words) 3
Content Writing – Advanced and with some Research or Conversation with Specialist to better understand the subject (500 words) 6
Create a Custom Form – Basic with 19 Questions 1
Create a Custom Form – Basic with 10-20 Questions 2
Create a Custom Form – Advanced with 21-35 Questions 3
Install a Plugin (with minor configuration) 1
Install a Plugin (with heavy configuration) 2
Install Code in the Head (if nothing goes wrong. Charge to fix if it does or undo it) 1
Create a Product Page – No Options (does include a gallery of products, up to 5 images but as is, no cropping or editing of images) 1
Create a Product Page – With 1 Drop Down Option (include a gallery of products, same rules as above) 2
Create a Product Page – With Multiple Drop Down Options (same gallery rules as above) IMPORTANT: Get John or Rick’s Confirmation on this one before quoting! 3
SEO a Page but no Guarantee of Ranking (Set H tags, Set all Meta Data, Improve Keyword Density, Light Content Writing, etc) 3
Creating a Blog Article (SEO not included) 3
Creating a Blog Article and SEOing it (but no Guarantee of Ranking) 5
Speed Optimization – Phase 1 – Images Only 2
Speed Optimization – Phase 2 – Scripts, CSS, JS and HTML Optimization 2
Speed Optimization – Phase 3 – Content Adjustment with Replacement of Elements 3
Speed Optimization – Phase 4 – Advanced 5
Inserting Social Media Links if using our Content Info Plugin (up to 10 per credit) 1
Inserting Social Media Links Manually (up to 10 per credit) 1
Installing & Configuring a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Feed Plugin (1 credit for each) 1
Creating a Blog Feed on the home page or other page – Still Posts (3-4 columns) 1
Creating a Blog Feed on the home page or other page – Slider of Posts (3-4 columns) 2
Creating a Photo Gallery – Up to 30 Photos (Built-in/Default Click to enlarge Thumbnails or Slideshow) 2
Creating a Photo Gallery – Up to 60 Photos (Built-in/Default Click to enlarge Thumbnails or Slideshow) 4
Install a Custom Gallery Plugin (Creation of Galleries not included, add this to one of the above options unless the plugin is more complicated, then custom quoted) 2
Place PDFs on a page using PDF Icon and text as a link (per batch of 5 but can be quoted for bulk) 1
Creating a Testimonials Page or Testimonials Slider on Home Page (double if both are needed) 2
Embed a customer provided YouTube (or Vimeo) Video (up to 3 videos per credit) 1
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Any of the following various items (1 credit each):

– Adjust Styling of an existing page utilizing PhotoFX, and Heading tags
– Add 1-10 photos to your existing gallery (must be sized and ready to drop in)
– Change a Phone number in up to 3 places throughout the website
– Changes to some wording on a page
– Change or add to existing Social Media links
– Change an email address on all the contact forms and/or footer
– Add a new Testimonial to existing Testimonials Page or Slider
– Inserting Google Analytics Code
– Modify or add Meta tags (Title, Description or Keywords)
– Update the Animated Widget Text
– Make some minor changes to the contact or quote request form questions
– Replace or add up to 3 PDF Documents to an existing page