Digital Business Cards

Digital Business Cards (1 Page Simple Website)

Get a Digital Business Card for your business today! It’s a very simple and inexpensive way to get a quick one-page website set up. They are fully editable and easy to use. A Digital Business Card is perfect for a startup business that has very little to no budget and just wants to get a quick website set up to promote their brand or their services. It’s extremely easy to upgrade from a Digital Business Card to a fully loaded and full-featured website.

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$200 setup and $19.95 per month (it’s month to month so you can cancel at any time!)

The monthly hosting includes what normal hosting packages include plus access to our award-winning content management system which will enable you to edit your page with out having to learn complicated coding and HTML. We also include a collection of graphics that you have access to be able to use to enhance your page to make it look like a pro built it! And with any of our hosted packages (whether it’s with our full websites, or just a digital business card) you get premium tech support from a real live human being here in the United States.