Search Engine Marketing

We can introduce you to THOUSANDS of potential clients.
We specialize in custom building an Online Marketing plan for your budget and needs.

$1000 – $2500 (per month)
(30% management fee included)
+ $350 one-time Setup fee

What’s included:

  • Google Ads Text Ads  (being found on a Google search)
  • Google Display Network Ads  (visual Ads on the display network)
  • Google Certified Dedicated Account Manager  (M-F access and scheduled monthly calls)
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Daily Optimization of All Ad Campaigns
  • Analytics Analysis & Reporting
  • Setup Your “Google My Business” Listing  (Google Maps Listing)
  • Highly Customized Ad Campaigns for Your Unique Target Market
  • Worldwide “In-Market” Client Reach

$500 Discovery Campaign – If you’re not experienced with Google Ads or any kind of advertising like this, then we recommend a discovery campaign. We can define your market before we can establish what it will cost you, based on your competition. Please keep in mind though, this ONLY measures up to 10% of your market but it’s a good way to get started.


Google Text Ads on the Search Network
(Getting Found On Google)

Search Text Ads: This is placing your ads on Google’s Search Results Page when searches are made with Keywords chosen to trigger your ads to show. These are a bit more expensive to run as it is a pay-per-click market. This is a highly competitive ad market and an auction/bid methodology of determining who shows up and in what order in a Google search result. These are considered a “Low Funnel” online marketing tactic, meaning these are people who recognize your ad as the most relevant and engaging search result and they click on it to be delivered straight to your website, going to exactly where they wanted to go – you!

Google Display Ads on the Display Network
(Getting Found On The Rest Of The Internet on over 2 million Display Network sites that reach over 90% of Internet users)

Display Ads: This is placing Creative Display Ads on a huge network of websites across the internet. These are cheaper to run, yet with much greater exposure to a highly targeted, in-market audience. It is considered a “Low to Mid Funnel” online marketing tactic, meaning you’re reaching people that may be ready to decide immediately or they could be 2 days or more from deciding, depending on where they are in the process of buying or selling a home.

Display Ads Budget includes 3 of the following Types Of Display Ads:
(Additional types of display ads can be added but require additional budget)

  • CONTEXTUAL TARGETING – This is when Google’s system analyzes the content of each web page to determine its central theme, which is then matched to your ad using your keywords and topic selections, your language and location targeting, a visitor’s recent browsing history, and other factors
  • KEYWORD SEARCH RETARGETING – This is a type of online advertising targeting that allows you to show banner ads to people who have recently searched for keywords that are relevant for your business.
  • BEHAVIORAL RETARGETING – This is an online advertising tactic that allows an advertiser to target individuals based on the websites they visit
  • WEBSITE RETARGETING – This is when every new visitor is “cookied” and then as they browse the internet for the next 30 days, your ads will be triggered to show to just those people who previously visited your website
  • DEMOGRAPHICAL TARGETING – This is setting parameters to segment the targeted audience into more specific groups. Some commonly used demographics include age, gender, location, annual income, etc.
  • GEO TARGETING – This is the practice of delivering your advertisements to a website user based on his or her geographic location
  • EMAIL-LIST REMARKETING: With Customer Match, upload a list of email addresses that your customers have given you. When those people are signed in to Google Search, YouTube, or Gmail, you can show them ads.

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Creative Services Available for Ad design and Re-design.

Click Here for some examples of Banner Ads we’ve designed.