Newsletters and Email Blasts to your customers!


  • Custom Designed Theme with your logo to match your website and other marketing.

  • “Subscribe Now” Form on your website.

  • Unsubscribe Button in each email.

  • Newsletter looks good in any email program or device (Smart phone optimized)

  • Anti-Spam Law Compliance.

“We do it all for You” Pricing:

$175 Setup (onetime) + Monthly Price
We will Design, Manage and Send out the blasts for you!

Number of Members
(Email recipients)
Price (per month + newsletter)
Up to 250 $55 per month (1 blast)
$40 per additional blasts
Up to 500 $65 per month (1 blast)
$40 per additional blasts

Up to 1,000 $75 per month (1 blast)
$45 per additional blasts

Up to 2,000 $85 per month (1 blast)
$45 per additional blasts
Up to 5,000 $110 per month (1 blast)
$45 per additional blasts
More than 5,000 Call for Quote

Prices based on doing one email blast per month.

Content Writing not included. Customer provides content for each email, we style and send out each month/blast.

Additional Upgrades:

Service Price
Content Writing
Up to 120 words, remember short and sweet and to the point, people do not read novels in an emailer.
$35 per email for one-off jobs
$20 per blast if ongoing for a 12 month agreement.
New Template Design
Your initial setup includes a basic design
Additional Newsletter (additional blasts) See price list above.

This is not a spamming tool. This method of emailing will utilize your email account to send the messages to your customers so if you purchase an email list and send unsolicited emails to  people that  do not already do business with you (aka are not expecting an email from you) you will be blacklisted by all of the major email providers like AOL, Microsoft, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.  So if you’re planning on purchasing a list and using this for that purpose, this is NOT the right solution for you.

Staying in communication with your customers now-a-days is crucial to maintaining a solid business relationship. Whether it’s a special offer you’re letting them know about, a news flash of the industry’s latest events or a simple message that you’re going to closed for the holidays; you need something to communicate with them through. Have you ever tried to use one of those “easy to use” emailing systems? Not so easy I bet. So We have taken the worry out of the equation with our concierge emailer program!

First thing’s first…

This is not your typical newsletter service. A typical newsletter service like ConstantContact or MailChimp merely provides you the software to do the newsletter yourself. They do nothing more than give you the keys to the car.  If you have the time and energy to do it all yourself, then we recommend that option. We on the other hand are not providing you with the keys to the car, but we are driving it for you! Simply put, you are paying for us to create a newsletter framework and then handle all of your ongoing newsletter blasts, each filled with your provided content which we make beautiful. Example: Once we set up your newsletter framework, you will want to introduce your customers to the new newsletter, so we will send a blast out informing them of your new newsletter as well as any new special you want to offer. Then next month or later that current month you may want to send out a new special or message. If it’s within the same month you would get a discount on the second blast. If you only do this once per month you only pay the monthly fee once per month.

We manage your list for you as well. All you have to do is send us either an updated Excel file with the contacts that you maintain there in your office through your accounting program or through your email program. Then we update your list for you. If someone has unsubscribed, and we had them back in, they stay unsubscribed. In the new members to your customer list will get automatically inserted into your regular newsletter when you provide us with that list. Some people just email us a comma separated list of email addresses, and some people send us their entire list again with whatever is already added to it.

Concierge level service

We will start with talking with you about your business and some of the products and/or services you offer. Next we will go into some of the marketing plans and goals you have in your business. We will take a look at your customer list whether it be in your email program, in your invoicing program, or wherever. We can even share screens and compile this data from your computer for you if you’d prefer. The next step would be to map out the next 4 to 8 email blasts and get started on writing the content for the blast.

Featured product or promotions

If you have a business where you sell a product, this will be fairly easy for you because rather than you having to come up with a message for each blast, we can feature a specific product or category each week or each month depending on how often you choose to blast. If you sell a service, we recommend giving advice to your customer based on what their interests are (of course this would need to be relevant to your business in one way or another). For example if your a heating and air conditioning company, you would want to communicate information that’s interesting to homeowners, so they will continue to receive your newsletters and even potentially share them with friends and family. This of course works hand-in-hand with social media and your blog if you have one.

We handle everything from the writing (if you want) to the design to the sending of the message itself. You will get a test/proof to approve before the blast goes out and of course you will decide what day and approximate time your newsletter lands in their inbox. You will receive the replies and any notifications of bounces and our system will handle all of the unsubscribes for you so you don’t have to manage some complicated database.

You will find pricing here on this page but feel free to call us and chat about the details so we can discuss how it would work for you specific business.

(888) 987-7771 or email us at [email protected]




We will have an Initial consultation to prepare the plan for the year and all of its messages. We will go through and discuss each season your service area has or if you are a product based business go over the products you’d like to showcase each month. In this consultation we will determine the types of messages are going to have a send for you so you are pre-approving the types of messages that will go out.

Product-based businesses:
We would showcase a product each month, or twice a month (depending on your campaign/package you choose) and of course do the usual seasonal informational blasts as well.

Service-based businesses:
We would send a monthly message relevant to the season and your market. For example, we would send a “How to winterize your home” during the fall or “How to prepare your home for the cooler months of the year” for those in tropical climates.