Non MWS Hosting

Non-Managed Hosted Websites

For websites that were constructed by Modern Web Studios for use or installation on non-MWS controlled servers, we will be providing a working website to be placed on the server of your choice (providing it meets the minimum specifications listed below). The website will be in good working condition at time of launch however, precautions by the server/ website administrator should be taken in accordance with Modern Web Studios Website Health Guidelines (listed below) to ensure the website will function properly once launched.

After Launch Commitment

After the site has been successfully setup on the customer’s preferred hosting provider we will provide plugin, theme and editor training with platform tech support for 60 days. Modern Web Studios offers no guarantee or liability in the event that the server settings are automatically set to run a server update, (potentially breaking a plugin or website functionality due to plugin incompatibility) the addition or modification of plugins, modification of theme, changes in css or other changes that effect the functionality of the site presented at the time of launch.

In the event that an update, theme change, additional plugin, css change or other modification should create a conflict within the website; Modern Web Studios can be contracted to diagnose and correct the issue. While our health guidelines recommend a minimum weekly backup, storing at least 10 versions of the website (more if possible) for future use in case of a hacked website; we will maintain an original release build copy in case the site is unrecoverable and needs a fresh install. This will be stored for one (1) year as part of the purchase.

Maintenance Plans

We offer ongoing non-hosted maintenance plans starting at $34.95 per month which includes backing up the website off-site (on our server) weekly. It also includes analyzing any new update releases and determining if there will be any problems running an update. (Providing our health guidelines are being followed) We always verify the front end (visitor view) to be sure all is working properly. This monthly maintenance price does not include repairing anything that breaks in between regularly scheduled updates (every 30 days). If repairs are needed, they will be approached on a tier pricing system as follows:

$45 per hour – (examples: backup restoration, repairs with “out of the box resolution” and cooperation with plugin developer)

$120 per hour – (examples: circumstances where a plugin has been corrupted, database corrupted, cyber attack research and repair, css recreation and other level 2 developer assistance is needed.

$225 per hour – core plugin creation or modification.

Server Specs for hosting one of our WordPress sites:

  • Latest version of WordPress
  • PHP version needs to be the latest
  • Set PHP Setting for “upload_max_filesize” to 50M
  • Web Server: Apache or Nginx preferred but not required
  • MySQL (latest version) or MariaDB (latest version)
  • SSL Certificate
  • RAM 256 MB minimum
  • Disk space 2GB depending on the site’s projected final size
  • The www and non-www A record pointed to the server so both versions will work properly
    (usually the www record can be a CNAME if you don’t want to use www in the final site.)

Modern Web Studios Website Health Guidelines


  1. Make sure you only have 1 to 2 Administrators and all other users should be Editors at most, contributors at least.
  2. Make sure no one is using Admin as a username, use something like RickAdmin or something more complicated like RickAdmin143
  3. Use only STRONG passwords (whatever WordPress recommends when creating the account is sufficient)
  4. Use a strong, well-maintained real-time software firewall like WordFence with the correct configurations to protect against hackers
  5. Use a strong Captcha to protect forms and WordPress login and password reset pages from bots
  6. Comments need to be disabled unless you REALLY need them, which in most cases businesses don’t
  7. Make sure the website is encrypted and using an up-to-date SSL certificate
  8. Keep FTP & SFTP Ports closed if possible, otherwise limit it to only one person’s IP if not on site
  9. Setup an automatic Backup system that stores copies of the website on a separate server. Keep at least 10 copies if (backing up weekly). If backing up daily, store at least 70 to allow you 10 weeks back to restore from should something happen and you need to restore from a much older copy.


  1. Update your Backup Plugin first then Run your backup (export to the offsite storage)
  2. Open the front end in TWO tabs so you can refresh one to compare the two after the updates are finished
  3. Log EVERYTHING as you update (keeping track of versions before and after. For example: Updating from v1.2 to v1.3)
  4. Update WP Core by clicking the link in the bottom right hand corner of any page in admin and then clicking Update (must be done by an Administrator level user)
  5. Verify there are no updates to be done on the Parent Theme in Appearance > Themes, if so, click Update
  6. Update each Plugin one at a time (again keeping track of versions before and after)
  7. Test the front end to see if it looks like the original unrefreshed home page tab you opened from earlier
  8. IF there has been an update on either the Form Plugin or SMTP plugin, test the form by changing the form to your own email and then sending a test then changing it back after the test was confirmed successful. On sites using Formidable this is done in Formidable > Settings > Actions & Notifications
  9. Run the Backup again to keep a current updated version backed up