Secure Your Website with an SSL Certificate


Standard SSL: $100 – SSL on an Existing Website (1-time charge)
This is a free SSL certificate provided by and we here at Modern Web Studios use it ourselves so this is the one we recommend. While the SSL certificate itself is free we still have to charge one time to install and configure it. There are no recurring charges as of right now but could at any point start charging for it so we just want to be clear that this is a solution for now but might not always be available. This SSL certificate is part of the hosting package and cannot be transferred to another hosting service. By purchasing this option to be installed, you understand that could at any point begin charging for the service or cancel it, at which point we will need to find another solution that may or may not cost.  We like to pass along any free options we can to our customers.  🙂

Premium SSL: $250 – SSL on either New or Existing Websites (annual charge)
Important, the Premium SSL is an annual cost.

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* We recommend only getting the Standard SSL because it's easiest, fastest and cheapest! (aka the best...est)

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The Standard SSL certificate is being provided by Let's Encrypt ( and is only available as long as they continue to provide a free SSL certificate. Should they ever stop providing free SSL's or if they begin to charge, you understand that this will cost to either continue it or change to another SSL provider. However, the alternative is to buy the Standard SSL each year through GoDaddy or some other seller at a $69 price and have us install it and configure it each year when you renew. The installation and configuration fee is $100 per renewal. Not all renewals are annual, some can be every 2 years so you would save on setup and configuration by registering for 2 years at a time if it came to paying for it. Please call us at 888-987-7771 if you have ANY questions before purchasing.



This will enable all of your pages to be accepted by major browsers like Google Chrome and FireFox. Your website will have the “all-thumbs-up” Green Lock as shown below in a screen shot of our website’s url in the two different browsers.

Pricing Options:

Standard SSL: $100 – SSL and Free Installation and Configuration (1-time charge)*
Install and configure the SSL certificate. No monthly charges, no annual charges, no renewal charges. Just a one time installation and configuration charge and you’re set for life!  This option does not display your company name in the address bar but it does the same exact level of encryption (256-bit) and it does display the green lock to give customers confidence your content and their form submissions are secure and encrypted.
Setup Time: 5-7 Days



Premium SSL: $250 – SSL and Free Installation and Configuration (annual charge)*
Install and configure the SSL certificate. This SSL certificate requires a renewal each year and it also requires us to uninstall the old and reinstall the new so the price would be $200 each year. This option allows for your company name to be in the address bar (see example screenshots above).

Literally the only difference (from a visitor perspective) is the URL showing the Company Name.
From a buyer’s perspective, you have to fill out a lot of paperwork and prove you are the company you say you are and there’s a long period of time to get it approved.

Setup Time: 15-25 Days


*These SSL Certificates are only available for active Modern Web Studios customers.