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RJ Swist
RJ Swist
Modern Web Studios is amazing to work with and they helped me launch my website for RJ's Mission. There wasn't a moment they weren't available. I will continue to work with them on my website as we grow, but they are amazing, professional, engaged, and determined to put a quality product and customer service is by far some of the best I have dealt with. Five stars and beyond from me.
seth gilbert
seth gilbert
an amazing experience the website was done super professional and the customer service is second to none.
Elaine George
Elaine George
We interviewed a few other web companies in our search to create a new website. None of the other companies compared to the team at Modern Web Studios. The team here listened to our (very specific) needs in what we envisioned and the specific details we wanted our website to showcase for potential clients. The team surpassed our expectations and we are very happy with the results! We have received many compliments on our website. We are very happy and grateful customers ... for life!
Richard Perri
Richard Perri
Great web designer! They took care of me from hello. My web site looks fantastic and they taught me how to make changes to it if ever needed. Everyone there is so nice! Highly recommended!
Marlis Morrison
Marlis Morrison
Modern Web Studios specializes in small businesses. They have managed our account for over 10 years. They created our website and have done several updates for our business over time to keep us competitive. They keep us running smoothly with inclusive services for us: website domain, business email, and website hosting. Technical service is always superior!
J Couch
J Couch
Modern Web Studios has done a phenomenal job with every thing we have asked! The site look and work perfectly, never expected any down time. John is incredibly generous with his time and can walk anyone through any process. He also has deep knowledge of a wide variety of markets, marketing ideas, and SEO. Rates are very fair! You will be hard pressed to find better web design, hosting, or a business partnership like Modern Web Studios!!
Matthew Kenyon
Matthew Kenyon
Modern Web Studios has exceeded my expectations with doing an over haul on my website. John and Annette were very responsive and easy to get a hold of when I needed them. They were very easy to deal with and understood all points that I was looking to make. I highly recommend them.
steve brady
steve brady
Couldn’t be happier once again.... modern web originally built my site quite a few years ago and have utilized them for my hosting since. Recently had my site updated and are currently working on my SEO. Rick and John have always been easy to deal with and very helpful and knowledgeable. This was my first time dealing with Annette and she was great as well. Very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend these folks. I have no plans on ever going any where else with the experience I’ve had over the years with them....
  • We don’t outsource our website builds, we do it ALL in-house.
  • We don’t buy themes, we build them in-house.
  • We don’t hand you off to some hosting company, we host and maintain all our websites.
  • We don’t send you to India or a ticketing system for support calls, we answer our phones.
  • We don’t pass the buck when you have a problem, we handle EVERYTHING!


You can get a website ANYWHERE, but what’s really hard to find is a quality level of support AFTER your website is setup. We encourage you to do some research on us or anyone you are considering buying your website from. Find out what things will be like afterwards. Who will be available to help you when you need to make some changes? This is where we really shine! Google us and just read what people say! 🙂

  • All of Our Managed Hosted Websites Include…

    An Easy/Powerful EditorPremium SupportMarketing Support/AdvicePowerful Design ToolsSecurity UpdatesWeekly Backups

    Easy/Powerful Small Business Website EditorAn Easy/Powerful Editor:

    We’ve customized WordPress to a degree that even WordPress Gurus are impressed. We’ve custom developed our own plugins along with an impressive collection of licensed plugins that make your editing experience both smooth flowing as well as efficient, because small business owners are very busy, they don’t have time to fiddle with their website all day.

    Premium Small Business Website Support Premium Support:

    As you can see from so many testimonials from our amazing customers, Modern Web Studios has a heart for serving. Each team member truly desires for your business to grow and thrive. We want you to know we care and that you can call on us for help editing your website or even deciding how to go about a new promotion. Real Small Business Specialists, not a call center.

    Marketing Small Business Website Support/Advice Marketing Support/Advice:

    We don’t just provide you with answers to your questions, we also provide free, unlimited marketing advice. You can call us just to chat about some hair-brained idea you might have and we’ll tell you if it has potential or not. That’s right, a brutally honest, experienced marketing team by your side so you’ll know you’re not alone in your entrepreneurial adventure.

    Powerful Small Business Website Design Tools Powerful Design Tools:

    From adding drop shadows, glows and frames to your images (making your pages look unique) to animating your message and bringing the page to life as your potential customers scroll down the page, we make it so easy with a couple of clicks. You can add flare to your website within seconds and make your site really stand out from your competitors. We’re always developing new tools and usually give them to you for free with hosting.

    Small Business Website Security Updates Security Updates:

    WordPress is the most widely used website editing system and they are releasing updates almost monthly now. It’s very important to stay up to date with the latest security updates or your site is at risk of being hacked. We include updates to not only WordPress but also all of your plugins. It’s all just part of your monthly hosting, unlike any other hosting company (they leave that to you and your developer).

    Small Business Website Weekly Backups Weekly Backups:

    We do weekly local backups as well as weekly offsite backups of your website in case something did happen to it allowing us to restore it in a couple of hours, should the need arise. This is also something most hosting companies charge you a lot for (in addition to the hosting charger). This is crucial in our opinion because we believe you can never be too cautious when it comes to your business!

    We’ll allow our work to speak for us…

    As you can see, we create websites for Small and Medium businesses across the spectrum. From plumbers to carpenters, auto repair to lawyers, even a few specialty sites for topics like Star Trek, Mustangs and Veteran support causes!

    We’d love to chat with you to craft a websites that meats your needs and your budget. We don’t buy pre-made themes, we create them to the look and the needs of your company or association!


    Call Now…  (888) 987-7771
    We have seasoned small business specialists waiting to get your website started!

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