Services that Modern Web Studios provide include, but are not limited to: website creation, managed hosting, continuing updates and strategic marketing.

Website Creation

Website creation services are outsourced through a third party service based in the United States. Company history spans over 20 years in the development community specializing in structured designs and eye catching graphic implementation. The broad scope of the company covers 10 different franchise fields with nearly 600 hand selected current clients. Some of the core services provided are:

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Product and service website development
  • eCommerce tool integration and specialty display systems
  • Information Management Console
  • Site planning and architecture
  • Creative direction
  • Project management
  • Professional graphic design
  • WordPress plugin development
  • Platform security framework configuration
  • Plugin security updates
  • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring

Managed Hosting

The managed hosting and support center has an award winning support team that coordinates with our update and resource management team for timely and accurate updates to the site.

Standard Managed Hosting Covers

  • Up to 12 hours maintenance per year
  • Unlimited bandwidth (website traffic) and 10GB of Storage*
  • Monthly Backups & Free Restore when needed (up to 2 times per year)
  • Google Analytics installation and account access & support if needed
  • Regular Security Updates to WordPress Core, All Plugins and Theme
  • Dedicated technical support with same-day response guarantee (6am-6pm EST Mon-Fri)
  • SSL Security Certificate installation and renewal protection
  • Advanced spam and virus protection
  • Custom Website Enhancements and Functionality Features

Website Maintenance and Workflow

Website platform updates, backups and security enhancements are completed between the hours of 2am – 7pm Eastern.

Restrictive security protocol: The website developer offers only editor level access to the update and content team. Additionally, all user access must go through the Managed Hosting Supervisor for login access and credentials. This eliminates the potential for a non-authorized user gaining access to the site. Furthermore, if the editor level access is breached (at the editor level) there is no access to server files or capability to upload executable or macro programs. If page data is corrupted the portal can be tracked, closed and website restored within 1 hour of detection.

Continuing Updates and Strategic Marketing

  • Inventory Management
  • Stats and Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Targeted Digital Marketing


Impact Level


(Business Hours)

Response Time

Resolution Time
(Business Hours)

Resolution Time
(Outside of Business Hours)



Critical Business Impact

Full website is Down


Within (2) Hours

Within (4) Hours

Within (4) Hours


Extremely Urgent
High Business Impact

Certain services /  functionality is not available


Within (2) Hours

Within (4) Hours

Within (4-6) Hours



Moderate Business

Within (1) Hour

Within (4)


Within (8) Hours

Within next



Low Business Impact

Complaints from few users, interface or compatibility issues etc

Within (1) business day

Within (4) Hours

Within next business day

Within next business day


No Business Impact

Service is functional, but assistance is required in the configuration or use of the service

Planned Activity

As per Schedule

As per Schedule

As per Schedule