Social Media Management Packages

Visual Ads for Facebook and/or Instagram

What’s included:

  • Create or revamp social media platforms as needed for performance
  • Get info on business and what you’re selling
  • Educate you on posting habits to Facebook and Instagram
  • Build demographics and geographic identifiers for campaign ads

Management charge is based on Adspend Amount.

  • Creation of 1 visual ad (2 required sizes)
  • Social media campaign management
  • Monitoring campaign performance (this may generate suggestions or direction for a campaign)
  • Adjusting demographics and distribution as needed
  • Lead delivery
  • Monthly call to go over analytics (15 Minute call per month)

Initial call with the Social Media Specialist (15 Minutes)

Management Fee based on Adspend

Facebook & Instagram
$250 Set-up
(one time), plus…

(Min. 3 Month contract)

Includes: Up to a 30 minute initial meeting and 1 monthly report by email.

Additional Items:
Additional Meetings: $35 per 15 min meeting


Ad-spend is the amount of money used to distribute the visual ads within a predetermined demographic and/or geographic area. The recommended budget will be derived from the average cost-per-click. Recommended start up budget is at least $150 per month for one social media campaign and $250 per month for two social media campaigns. These numbers can be adjusted based on the cost-per-click and the times of day it runs to get the best performance and coverage for the desired area and allotted budget. After the first few campaigns we will have enough analytical data to present a recommended budget that can assist and maintain optimal performance.

*Managed services utilize the talents of our social media specialists, as well as; proprietary software and tactics to ensure you get the most out of your managed campaigns. For this reason: there is no access to the settings or management console to the social media management campaign. Additionally, there is no transfer of information, settings or programs available to you should at the end of the campaign or you cancel the monthly management.

Bonus Add-on!

With a click budget of $350 or more, you get a free “Look-a-like” upgrade!

What’s a Look-a-like Market you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked! It’s really cool and can help you find MORE of your exact type of customer! In a nutshell, your typical customers are all probably very similar to each other in how they browse on Facebook and what they “like”, in other words their profiles is very similar. What Facebook allows us to do is take a list of your customers email addresses, import them into Facebook’s system to scan for active users with those email addresses. Then it pairs those user profiles with other users that are very similar in what they “like” and what’s on their page.

Then we can market directly to those people, resulting in a much more effective marketing campaign. Additionally we can market to your existing customers with a different kind of ad. For example we can market to them promoting repeat business, or referring a friend.

Additional work that can be done to improve the over all campaign’s performance:

  • Additional Visual Ad design – $50 per design (required sizes included)
  • Additional Campaign: $55 (plus Ad-spend)
  • 2 Posts per week to Facebook or Instagram: $60 per month
  • 2 Posts per week to Facebook and Instagram: $80 per month
  • Boosting a customer supplied post: $25 (plus Ad-spend)
  • Ongoing Interaction with comments on Social Media Posts: $100 – $250 per month
  • 15 minutes per week inviting and interacting with other company pages: $100 per month
  • Campaign A/B analytics comparison and review: $35 per review

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