Start Date: 2/18/2024
Cloudflared: Yes
Launch Date: 3/18/2024
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Company Info:

Business Name: Fehling Small Engine
Street Address: 108 Dogwood Lane
City: Salisbury
State: MO
Zip Code: 65281

Business Phone: 660-388-6398
Mobile Business Phone: 660-388-6398
Business Fax Number: 660-388-6393

Business email to be displayed on website: [email protected]

Website Address: fehlingsmallengine.com
Where Domain is Registered: GoDaddy

Point of Contact: Erin Jenkins
Point of Contact Phone: 660-651-6630

Business Hours: M-F 8-5
Sat 8-12

Email Address for Form Submissions: [email protected]

FB: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057809763235

Domain Access

Domain Registrar: Godaddy

Do we have login? No

Needed to Cloudflare

1. Heather to send a screenshot of the records
2. Set up CF
Step 2 must be completed before changing nameservers.

3. Heather changes nameservers on domain.

Do they use Domain Emails: 1. Do they use domain emails? ( No)
2. Current Email Provider: Chariton Valley

4. If they need domain Emails from HID, then they need to find an IT person to locally backup old emails for each email account.  THEN you can create HI reseller acct. and purchase.

Logo: Need Current Logo Enhanced
Theme: Details – red and charcoal | LowerysTrueValue.com + Additional Notes: I really like TwinCity Outdoors website. Seems very personable. I would like to use several pictures of ours. Stock pictures of units are fine but don’t love the ones with random people in them. I like the darker backgrounds. I don’t care for the diamond plate look. I like a combo of several sites, Southern Hardware and Lowery’s.
Jotform | use MAP Pricing | Badges?: Yes, Please add and maintain Badges for me!
Trade-Ins? Yes
Packages? Yes
Content Additional products – Fryers
Manufacturers: Gravely, Ariens, Stihl, TroyBilt, Kohler Generators, R&V Works
Top 5 Products
ZT X 42, ZT XL 60, ZT HD 60, PT 372, PT 660
Focus Product
Gravely Zero Turn, Stihl products
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Tax Rate
Buydown 10.75
Doc Fee 150
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Pre-QC: Date
Approval Request Sent to HI on: Date
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Customer Requested Edits: Yes or No – Date
2nd Approval Request Sent to HI on: Date
Approved On: Date
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