Start Date: 2/28/24
Cloudflared: No
Launch Date: 3/31/2024
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Company Info:

Southside Mower


Bus Phone: 850-224-5613
Fax: 850-224-1298

M-F 08:00-17:00 SAT 08:00-12:00

Company Email(s):
Form Submission Email(s)
[email protected]
Domain Access

Domain Registrar:

(enom, (IF ENOM/ARI 7 DAYS TO MIN TO LAUNCH DUE TO REQUIRED TRANSFER) | Godaddy, Network Solutions,, etc.)

Do we have login? No
Transfer To HI Reseller?

Needed to Cloudflare

1. Heather to send a screenshot of the records
2. Set up CF
Step 2 must be completed before changing nameservers.

3. Heather changes nameservers on domain.

Do they use Domain Emails: 1. Do they use domain emails? (Yes)
2. Who is their Email Provider?  Gmail
3. If w/ ARI, DEALER SPIKE, or OTHER, we have to help them move.  Do they know how to set up a stand-alone Email? Do you need to help them?
4. If they need domain Emails from HID, then they need to find an IT person to locally backup old emails for each email account.  THEN you can create HI reseller acct. and purchase.
Logo: Use Current Logo
Theme: Details – Red, Blue |
Link to 3rd Parties?
Trade-Ins? Yes
Packages? Yes
Content Done?
Manufacturers: Gravely, Billy Goat, Stihl, Exmark
Top 5 Products
Gravely model 918010, 918007. Exmark LZS749AKC604A1. Stihl BR800X, FS91R, FS56RCE.
Focus Product
Mowers, Packages, Power Equip
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