Hosting Subscriptions:


CSM Website Hosting Subscription
(email accounts not included)
$19.95 per month

eCommerce Website Hosting Subscription
(email accounts not included)
$29.95 per month



Emails can be purchased on a per account basis here:
Email accounts as low as $20 a year per account (when you buy a 5 pack)


Hosting is the storage and maintenance of all the software files that makes up your website. Part of hosting your website is making sure there is a redundant power supply so your website will remain up and running during a power failure or storm. Another part of hosting is a consistent internet connection with very high speeds, much higher than you could get from hosting it in your home or office. It also includes backing up your site so that if anything ever happened, we could restore your website back to the way it was on a given date. We backup the servers 3 times a week but only store backups for up to a year. Hosting does not include updates or upgrades to the content or template of your website.

By signing up for an Email Account Hosting Subscription, you agree to our basic email account terms.
Terms of Service (basically don’t use the account to send out spam)

Hosting is simply leasing our server space, bandwidth, and use of our CMS (Content Management System).
Hosting it does not include any updates performed by Modern Web Studios.