Elizabeth Haug

We needed a website for our company, I contacted John last week and he had us up and running with a very professional website within a week! Had I known it would be this easy, we would have done it sooner! Super, super easy and it looks great. They have a lot of theme options on their website and you choose one. We submitted a word document with the content we wanted and John took that and turned it into a 6 page website that looks great! Their templates even have sample test in case you’re not sure what to say. He had a mock-up of the website to me within 24 hours!
Today, Rick spent an hour showing me how to work the website and how to optimize it. He made it look really easy. I’m not expecting to need any changes, but if you do he shows you how to do them yourself (although, I think they’ll do them for you). And the interface they use is really user friendly.
If you need a website, just do it. These guys are great!