Gail Bedoukian

The experience was amazing and it is ongoing. John Taylor, our web designer, is a priceless gem, who was able to meet our company’s needs and my exacting expectations without a hitch. John met every challenge. We wanted a new look and responsive website. This was no problem for John, who was challenged to build us a custom website by creating his own responsive template from scratch to meet our needs. There was no store bought template for us! If the standard photo shopped pictures were not quite right for the various themes we wanted to depict on our site’s Home page, John worked his magic and combined elements into custom scenes. If are old product shots were looking their age, again not a problem since John does really good photography. In the many hours, days, and months we spent over the phone together perfecting the site before it launched, John was mindful of every concern, change, problem, etc. I urge you to visit our site,, to see it for yourself, and understand the wonders that John and his team are capable of. John is also a good teacher, and he and his team will train you patiently how to administer changes to your website with his own designed CuBit system if you want hands on experience. And even though our website has been up since July, John monitors the site, continues to improve the features on the site behind the scenes, including the shopping cart. He is the real deal, and you will not be disappointed- unless reviews like this one and others makes you wait in line for his services! If you have any additional questions about the work performed, please feel free to contact me via our website email address.