Jessica Guerrero

John was a one stop shop for us, we initially contacted him regarding creating a small business website. Being new business owners and having multiple other projects going on, we wanted someone who we could trust with us being as hands off as possible until the end. He did just that, he listened carefully to us and did a fantastic job of turning our ideas into something tangible on screen and in print. At the end of some of the projects he was quick to change a small detail here or there that we decided we didn’t like once it was visually in front of us. We heavily relied on John for his expertise and opinions and he did not let us down. We couldn’t be more satisfied with all of the end products; and plan on using John for additional jobs in the near future including a magazine cover advertisement. I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone who is looking to start a small business and has multiple needs or any current companies who are looking for a new approach. Thanks for everything! Sincerely, Guerrero Geisel Law