Jim Facente

I’ve had a number of websites over the years so I’ve dealt with many different web designers as well as a few different content management systems. I have to say the combination of Modern Web Studio’s user-friendly website editor and their genuinely caring support team make them stand head and shoulders above the competition.


An extremely easy-to-use, browser-based website editor that Modern Web Studios provides their customers is by far the best. It’s so self explanatory and user-friendly that I didn’t even need to watch the videos to understand how to do most of the general tasks when editing my website. But the video tutorials are well made, thorough and very easy to use.


The level of knowledge and more importantly CARE Modern Web Studios puts into the support of their product is so far above what I’ve experienced in the past. I can confidently say (to anyone that needs a website) you can edit your website YOURSELF without having to pay some high-priced, full of himself designer that will “eventually get around to updating your site”. You can get in there and do it yourself and Modern Web Studios will be there with patience to help you when you need it.