Louis Caudra

“I called Modern Web Studios to get a quote on redesigning my website; and from the moment I started talking with the representative on the phone I got the feeling I called the right place. I was also quite impressed with the quality of their design when looking through their portfolio. From their testimonials I read it seemed that their customers were quite satisfied. But being the pessimist that I am I decided to make some phone calls to see just how happy their customers really are. To my surprise I couldn’t find anyone that had a complaint. In fact all I heard was how happy they were especially about how good the tech support was after the sale. Now that I’m a continuing customer that needs help from time to time, I have found that to be true and understand why they were so willing to answer my questions when I called in for their opinion about Modern Web Studios.

I wish more companies would follow the tech support and customer service model that Modern Web Studios follows because it’s frustrating when it’s all “Sure we’ll jump through hoops for you” before the sale and after the sale they barely know who you are. Modern Web Studios almost seems to care more about us once we’ve become their customer and that’s the way it should be!”