My very first interaction with Modern Web Studios and John/team was back in 2008. I was so nervous, to say the least, about putting my new business in a strangers hands. Modern Web Studios had been recommended to me through a fellow business colleague that I trusted-so I took a chance. From our first conversation I knew the company would do a good job, but I had no idea how far and above my expectations Modern Web would deliver. John and his team have been there for my business from then until now, 2016. The support I have received over the years from Modern Web has been unparalleled, I cannot express enough the value of a business like this. Over the years John and his team have built me 3 websites-helping my company keep pace with the ever changing technology landscape-this above all is what every business owner needs, a partner with the vision to keep your business on the cutting edge. Modern web studios will deliver on their word, that I can personally attest to-and in most cases deliver a product that will exceed expectations and make any business owner proud.
The other huge piece of the puzzle is service after-the-fact-what happens after that beautiful new website goes “live”? Yep-you guessed it! They will be there to support you! Need a little support? They will be there! Need a ton of support? They are there! There is a lot more value to a company like Modern Web Studios-value that cannot be measured in dollars or time or any other typical way-the value is in having a trustworthy partner that is there when YOU need them. I am a real person, with a real company and I couldn’t be more pleased with my partnership, over the last 8-9 years with Modern Web Studios. Thank you John and to all of your team members…here’s to the next decade!