What We Can Offer for Agencies Needing Multiple Websites and Support

So many companies today are looking for an in-house employee to handle either the maintenance and expansion of their own website, or the need for website creation for their customer base. Often this results in one employee that has lots of experience in one area and little in others, or you get stuck using sub par, unreliable overseas providers that take forever to respond to requests; enter Modern Web Studios.

Modern Web Studios has been here all along, as an award winning website design and service provider for over 20 years. As a direct B2B source for companies and services we have earned a stellar reputation for providing fast, reasonably priced websites that offer graphic appeal and performance. We have refined our processes to create next level websites that are not restricted by per-designed themes and unreliable plugins. This is achieved because we do everything in-house with a custom theme builder and easy to use editing tools.


One of the next level tools we have to offer is an industry specific, dynamic website presentation tool. This will allow your sales team to show a live, functional website mockup to potential clients. The industries we have created this to support are: Plumbing, HVAC, Landscaping, Electrical, Contractors (like remodeling companies) and sign companies. We have many more service industries process with the goal to have 10 additional, high volume industry specefic demo’s over the next 90 days. These come preloaded with industry specific content, image and graphics to make them truly unique. 

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It doesn’t just stop with us turbo charging your company’s sales by providing turnkey plumbing websites for your clients, but we handle everything related to the website:

  • A thorough customer consultation to determine their plumbing company’s services and product offerings
  • Adjusting new and current content to fit the new turnkey website to their business and brand
  • Creation of custom graphics, videos, animations, CTAs, etc. needed to properly present offerings
  • Integrating JDPP’s Analytics, APIs and/or any other required code or plugins
  • Work with JDPP’s marketing team to ensure goal alignment and plan for client success
  • If necessary, training plumbing client on how to edit their new website (ongoing)
  • Preforming regular maintenance, upkeep and licensing of all plugins, theme, and WordPress core (ongoing)
  • Maintaining security of both websites and servers (ongoing)
  • Maintaining daily backups as well as weekly off-site backups of the client’s website (ongoing)
  • As an added bonus we provide printing and design services if needed to continue to support JDPP’s marketing efforts.

With us handling all of your website builds and client interaction regarding their website, it allow your sales team to be able to focus more on the marketing aspects while providing them with the tools to sell your marketing services faster. We would like a chance to show you how amazing and how powerful this will be for JD Plumbing Partners.

Modern Web Studios has developed a technique that allows your sales team to immediately present a client with a customized website. It will automatically display their company name, email address and phone number throughout the website. This demo gives a visual confirmation of what they can expect and the confidence in your sales team to move client forward towards signing up immediately as it is effectively eliminating any delays in having a website to begin marketing immediately. This is useful in both a situation where they do not have a website as well as a situation where they have a website but cannot either access it or you/they don’t feel it is sufficient to make the marketing effective. Modern Web Studios will customize their new website according to their needs including integrating their logo, services provided, business/brand colors, address, etc. We do understand the need to have unique content for SEO and other marketing purposes. Modern Web Studios is able to provide JD Plumbing Partners’ clients with these types of websites as fast as… correction, FASTER than your sales team can sell them. 😊

You currently have employees who work on your websites in house at this time, but the flow of getting the websites completed can get stagnant. We understand how the slow process of building and connecting with clients can delay your marketing team’s ability to move forward. And we predict some of the problems that you encounter with your marketing sales is the down time spent waiting to get the content from the clients, approval for the new website, lack of communication, and other situations that come up, all of which result in the delaying of launching of the Marketing campaign. Modern Web Studios is here to solve that problem for you. We have the answer that will turbo charge your sales team and strengthen JD Plumbing Partners.


We will have a quick consultation to discover and determine what it is that your marketing team needs on the website for your client to be successful. Whether that be customized keywords on the page with unique images and customized graphics or making the images unique from a binary standpoint. Maybe it’s rewriting the content to be personalized and contain the necessary SEO keywords requested, or a combination of all the above. Modern Web Studios can customize your turnkey websites for your clients to include all the codes, API connections, analytics, and any necessary components that you currently use in your marketing process.


From what I’m reading about your company from your website, and what I know about mine, both of our companies have the same values and goals which is to provide the client with an effective and complete solution for all things branding and marketing. Customized printing is another solution we can offer you. We can help our mutual clients achieve cohesive branding in a complete package of digital and physical branding. We fit so perfectly with what you do and what you need. When we talk to your clients, we will always echo what you’re trying to get them to continue to do with brand consistency. We have an almost flawless reputation that we have worked hard on over the years to build. We are so confident in our client relations, that we offer potential clients to choose any of the websites listed on our website or on Angi.com to call and verify our reputation of excellent client service. We serve over 935 different clients across the United States and in other countries. And we know that you will appreciate the fact that you can call any of these clients, at any point, and receive a stellar review for us… that you are working with an outstanding team in a company who cares about long-lasting, ongoing, business relationships.


In short, hiring a Website Designer you are only getting one person with limited experience and limited knowledge. And you have to pay them whether there’s work or not.  With Modern Web Studios you’re getting access to our entire team comprised of a Graphic Designer, Programmer/Custom Plugin Developer, Sales Person, Content Writer, Project Manager and SEO Specialist. However, none of those people are on your payroll and you don’t have to worry about slow periods or busy periods because bringing on more people to handle more work is my problem. We have a solid team that are experts and working together and producing high quality modern professional websites in an amazingly fast and efficient way. Modern Web Studios will be cost efficient for JD Plumbing Partners not only in the costs that are accumulated by retaining employees but also by letting us handle the updates and upkeep and client outreach areas involved in set up, updates, maintenance, backups and support. We are a small company with team members in Kentucky, Florida, Michigan, and Illinois. With our support your company can move forward in a more cost effective and confidence things will be handled by professionals.


The wonderful thing about having Modern Web Studios as a partner is that we are website experts. If you have clients that desire a different type of website or have specific programming needs, we have you covered. We can find out all the details from the client. The costs for customized websites in this case would depend on the requests by the clients.


There are two packages: A Base package which would be a $695 value and John Stopped here because we NEED TO DETERMINE PRICING

As a partner of JD Plumbing Partners, we would offer a free $1,495 website for each of your clients with a $75 monthly management and hosting cost. The pricing on our website will display the $1,495 charge other companies and for a client of JD Plumbing Partners we will waive the setup fee as it is included in your marketing package. This would allow your sales team an enhancement in their sales pitch, not to mention an increase in total value. In effect, the sign-up process would happen more quickly, and the client would be more compelled to stay with JD Plumbing Partners for their advertising needs.


We would like a chance.

We are thankful that you understand the need to support our small businesses. Modern Web Studios has been serving small business owners for over 20 years. We are confident that you are going to be so impressed and see great potential in what we do, that we want to offer one of your clients a free website. Choose one that is considering signing up for your marketing package, but is uncertain due to the cost of the initial setup. We will provide a turnkey website for them and adjust it to fit their content, their services, and booking program if they like right now an no additional cost.

Thank you for your time and the opportunity to work with you. We look forward to our meeting with you on Tuesday the 7th at