What’s Next?

What’s Next in the process of my small business website?

Having a well rounded optimized website in today’s competitive internet market is a must. Google’s new quality scoring must be considered as your site develops. The main areas for Google and other search engines are looking for:

  • The layout or platform the site was built on.
  • Keyword rich content (2% or higher)
  • That all built in elements have been filled out and are relevant.
  • External use of products such as Google+, Social media and more.
  • Age of domain
  • Inbound/outbound links (backlinks that are relevant)
  • Size of website (your web footprint)

Small Business Websites - A website that best fits YOUR Small Business!

No Time, but need things done?

This type of specialized optimization takes time to complete properly. Sometimes customers just don’t have the time to do these specialized additions to their site, for those customers we offer to do these services for you! Click Here to learn more.


Small Business Websites - A website that best fits YOUR Small Business!

Save Money on site development with your built-in editor!

Part of our business model is to coach the customer to utilize the easy-to-use website editor. In doing so we will be coaching the customer on how to get their website a better ranking and better quality score in the continual developing of the site. This way we can keep the costs down for the customer. (note: these are things necessary to bring up your quality score, it does not guarantee you ranking placement. Click Here to learn about SEO Optimization campaigns for competitive markets.)

Many of the tips and techniques we will be coaching customers on are:

  • Writing effective search engine content (often multiple pages of products/service specific content will be needed for best results)
  • Styling content to make it attractive, attention grabbing and readable
  • Optimizing pictures and links
  • Creating Search Engine Friendly URL’s
  • Writing effective meta descriptions for every page on your website
  • Using effective keywords for each page on your site
  • Utilizing social media
  • Utilizing Google products
  • Writing effective blog articles

Naturally all these things can’t be done all at once. We will work with the customer on each of these things to work toward a website that meets most of Google’s basic SEO criteria. For those customers who are too busy to do these things we can do them for you at an additional charge. Click Here for info on these services

In some cases, based on how much competition you have, additional measures are needed such as an organic SEO program or pay-per-click… We don’t recommend spending money on these resources until you have exhausted your built in tools.