Work from Home – Passive Lead Generation

Modern Web Studios provides passive lead generation opportunities for people that may have 10 hours of spare time, or more, a week. This position is perfect for those who are looking to use some down time to have the potential of earning a good return on the time investment.

Whether you are a stay at home mom/dad, retiree, college student or you already have some stay at home income and are looking to add to your portfolio; this might be the perfect position for you.


Good connection to the internet, good organizational skills and a little drive to see things through.

Position Explanation:

Lead generators will use training provided by Modern Web Studios to predetermine a website’s need for an upgrade. At that point you would email the owner of the website using a script identifying our capabilities of providing a better website. The email will contain a way for them to communicate their interest and allow our sales team to close the deal… Training is provided on what to look for, how to send the information and how to track your progress.

Remember this isn’t a push from some fly by night company. Modern Web Studios has been providing high quality, affordable websites for 20 years. Plus, our websites are supported by our award-winning customer service team earning us the highest national marks for the last 9 years!

The primary ways of outreach you will use the most are email and website forms however, some prefer to call and setup an appointment for us to talk with the lead’s decision maker; it’s completely up to you. The good news is you don’t need to make the sell, just find us the leads for us.

We have a high closing-sales rate on pre-vetted leads as, for the most part; the lead already knows they need a website. We are not focusing on businesses that already have a newer website, unless it’s really in need of our help, but rather those that are clearly dated… and there are millions of them. Most small business owners don’t have the time to go looking for a web developer, but are willing to talk about it if the offer sounds good.


Commission is between 15% – 35% depending on the price and volume of positive leads/sales that you produce. The average informational or service related website price is between $995 – $1295, putting the average lead compensation at $150 per sale for the casual lead generation (15% of $995).

If you think about it… that’s like $15 per hour for 10 hours of free time per week, if you get one good lead to call in or email us to close the deal!

The more aggressive you are and the more leads you provide, the higher the commission percentage.

For example: If we close 5 sales a week from your efforts, that will place you in at a 25% commission rate; equaling a commission in the $1200 per week range.

The possibilities are endless for someone who can work at a good pace, follow directions and has good documentation skills.


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