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Let us help you get your website setup so you can get back to doing what you do best… running YOUR business

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We have seasoned small business specialists waiting to get you started!


In a world where everything is DIY, some things should be left to a Professional. That’s where we come in! We can handle everything for you, from content writing to design then building all the way to the marketing of your website.

You can get a Website ANYWHERE, but what’s really hard to find is a quality level of support AFTER your website is setup. We encourage you to do some research on us or anyone you are considering buying your website from. Find out what things are like afterwards when you’re going to need some help making changes.

We’ll allow our customers to speak for us…

“Wow!!!! I just can’t believe what an awesome website I have now, thanks to John and Rick and the team at Modern Web Studios! After spending 3 years using other developers and also trying to do it myself, I almost gave up. I’m so glad that I didn’t because I decided to look at reviews on Angie’s List and Modern Web Studios really stood out to me…”
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“The experience was amazing and it is ongoing. John Taylor, our web designer, is a priceless gem, who was able to meet our company’s needs and my exacting expectations without a hitch. John met every challenge. We wanted a new look and responsive website…”
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“The amount of phone call leads coming in has more than tripled and because of that my company is having they best year in a long time. I am proud of the great new look of my website. I have gotten nothing but good compliments on it and it is now mobile friendly…” Read more…

Gio Leonardo

After our initial purchase we were contacted by Rick. Everyone has been wonderful to work with. It feels like we hired whole new marketing department. Rick and his team put a lot of effort into their work and they know all the tips and tricks to meet our goals. I simply explain what I want to happen and they work their magic…” Read more…

A Plus Animal Solutions

Read them all on our Reviews and Testimonials page, click here.

We’ll allow our work to speak for us…


Call Now…  (888) 987-7771
We have seasoned small business specialists waiting to get your started!

Small Business Website Design Packages:


$995 1 time setup
plus $19.95 per month Hosting/Support

6 Pages

Pre-written Stock Content

Pre-designed Theme

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$1,595 1 time setup
plus $29.95 per month Hosting/Support

Up to 8 Pages

We insert & style your content for you

Customized Theme
(modify pre-designed theme to match your branding)

Featured Content Slider

PayPal Payment Page

Live Chat Widget

Flyout Tab

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Get Started

$2,195 1 time setup
plus $39.95 per month Hosting/Support

Everything the PRO Plan Comes with

2 Initial Products
($15-$35 each for additional products)

Process All Major Credit Cards
(through PayPal or

SSL Certificate

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Get Started

Every Package Includes:

Mobile Friendly Design (Phones & Tablets)

Coming Soon Page Up Same Day

Completion in 5-10 Business Days*

Social Media Links

Contact Form


Access to edit your website
(Some technical skills required)

Premium Support

Security Updates

Powerful Design Tools

Weekly Backups

*Up and running in 5-10 business days once we’ve been provided the content (images and text). There may be delays as we wait for customer provided content. We move at your speed. 🙂

All of Our Hosted Websites Include…

An Easy Yet Powerful Editor:

We’ve customized WordPress to a degree that even WordPress Gurus are impressed. We’ve custom developed our own plugins along with an impressive collection of licensed plugins that make your editing experience both smooth flowing as well as efficient, because small business owners are very busy, they don’t have time to fiddle with their website all day.

Premium Support:

As you can see from so many testimonials from our amazing customers, Modern Web Studios has a heart for serving. Each team member truly desires for your business to grow and thrive. We want you to know we care and that you can call on us for help editing your website or even deciding how to go about a new promotion. Real Small Business Specialists, not a call center.

Marketing Support/Advice:

We don’t just provide you with answers to your questions, we also provide free, unlimited marketing advice. You can call us just to chat about some hair-brained idea you might have and we’ll tell you if it has potential or not. That’s right, a brutally honest, experienced marketing team by your side so you’ll know you’re not alone in your entrepreneurial adventure.

Powerful Design Tools:

From adding drop shadows, glows and frames to your images (making your pages look unique) to animating your message and bringing the page to life as your potential customers scroll down the page, we make it so easy with a couple of clicks. You can add flare to your website within seconds and make your site really stand out from your competitors. We’re always developing new tools and usually give them to you for free with hosting.

Security Updates:

WordPress is the most widely used website editing system and they are releasing updates almost monthly now. It’s very important to stay up to date with the latest security updates or your site is at risk of being hacked. We include updates to not only WordPress but also all of your plugins. It’s all just part of your monthly hosting, unlike any other hosting company (they leave that to you and your developer).

Weekly Backups:

We do weekly local backups as well as weekly offsite backups of your website in case something did happen to it allowing us to restore it in a couple of hours, should the need arise. This is also something most hosting companies charge you a lot for (in addition to the hosting charger). This is crucial in our opinion because we believe you can never be too cautious when it comes to your business!



1. Can I edit my own website easily?

Very few companies offer a website editing platform anymore, mostly because the need for complicated websites to keep up with search engines, combined with a lack of editing experience, creates more problems than solutions. In comes the Teamero platform by Modern Web Studios. Our platform allows you to use the most powerful website generator on the internet… but with the ease of editing found in a simple word document. Our award winning training is there in case you forget something as well… so YES YOU CAN!


2. Do I own my content and domain name?

Like you, we have heard nightmare stories where a web developer creates a website using the customer’s website domain, content and pictures; everything seems fine, until they try and move the website to another provider. They quickly find out that the developer has put everything in their own name. We don’t play those games here. When setting up a new website or moving a site over we put (in writing) that the customer retains ownership of all their domain, content and images. The editing system used by us is proprietary to our servers but the platform is powered by wordpress, meaning that if you should choose to move the process would be relatively easy to do.


3. Will my website be #1 on search engines if I have you build my website?

Having an awesome looking website built is much like building a cool store in the middle of a forest. Your products can be the best quality, your employees 2nd-to-none; but no one will ever know because they can’t find or get to it… because it’s in the middle of a forest! At some point someone needs to make a path, put up signs and let people know where you are. This task can sometimes be more work than building the store in the first place. It can sometimes be more difficult because your customers might pass other stores on the way to yours, so you have to work even harder to be found. Having the website optimized for search engines organically is like plowing down the trees to make a path. This can be time consuming if you do it yourself or expensive if you hire someone to get it done; either way it can be a lot of work. You can however, set up a Google Adwords campaign. This is like picking your customers up in a helicopter and setting them down on your doorstep. Our support program is unique as we can train you on how to optimize your site for search engines or we can charge to do it for you; either way a great looking website is needed to help keep your customer happy and informed after they get there.


4. What is included in my Hosting Support Payment?

Access to our custom WordPress powered editor (Teamero) installation along with all of our licensed and proprietary plug-ins we’ve developed to make it easier to use (including eye candy features). It also includes researching and executing WordPress security updates as well as performing weekly backups in case anything ever happened to your website. Our premium support enables you to call in and speak to a live person (here in the United States) that understands small businesses and can also advise with marketing questions should you have any. Search engine guidance and web development insight are also included.


5. Do I have to host with your company?

The prices listed are for building a website on our server. A website is made up of dozens of individual programs that need to be licensed, be able to sync with each other, the editor and the server. So they all continue to work together, we need to have control of the variables that could cause anything not to work correctly. (any update of one of dozens of programs could cause the site to break) If your site is built on another server than all those licenses would need to be purchased individually and then crafted to function on that server. You’re not buying the licenses, you’re monthly hosting fee is leasing the access to use them. Any change in the server settings, lack of security updates or changes to the programs could break the site causing hours of diagnosis to determine the cause. If you are familiar with dealing with these many different variables of website management then we can certainly build your site to function on another server; just ask for a quote.


6. Can I move my website after it is built?

Yes; however, there may be charges to do so. We use wordpress as a base program for the construction of your website; to keep the costs down we use our licenses for the Teamero editor for all sites across the server. So by moving your site you would lose access to those programs needing to re-license them for individual site use. You would also need to use the editor that the new developer uses (if they even offer access) If you move to a developer that uses wordpress then the effort would be minimal. If you use a developer that uses a different platform, we will still supply you with all the pieces of the site so they can rebuild it.


7. What makes your support team so awesome?

Two words… We Care!  I know, those two words don’t mean anything anymore as much as companies have used and abused it but we genuinely do! You can read any of our Angie’s List, Google or Facebook reviews and very quickly realize that the Modern Web Studios team is very carefully selected, trained and tested to be the most knowledgeable and caring team to ever wield a headset. If you don’t feel like family, you called the wrong number! It’s 888-987-7771 and we’re excited to prove it to you so dial away!




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