Maximize Your Online Presence with Yext
(A Smart Choice for Business Growth)

In today’s digital era, your online visibility is crucial. As a valued Modern Web Studios hosting customer, we’re excited to introduce Yext – an innovative platform designed to supercharge your business’s online presence.


What is Yext?

Yext turns maps, voice assistants, GPS apps, and local directories into your best marketing channel.

Securing a top spot in Google Local listings is influenced by more than just your company’s Google reviews. The way your company’s contact details are presented on multiple third-party directory websites also plays a crucial role. These entries are commonly known as “business citations“. Given the plethora of directory sites out there, managing your business citations to ensure they are precise and uniform can be a daunting yet vital task.

Not only can we help, but DO IT ALL FOR YOU!


Why Yext? How can it help my business?

  1. Enhanced Visibility: Yext puts your business on the map, literally. It ensures your business information is consistent and accessible across over 70 digital services, including maps, apps, and search engines. This means more eyes on your business, more often.
  2. Accurate Information, Everywhere: Say goodbye to outdated or incorrect business information. Yext updates your details in real-time across all platforms, ensuring potential customers always find the right information about your business.
  3. Boost in Local Search: With Yext, your business becomes more relevant in local searches. This enhanced search presence leads to increased foot traffic and, ultimately, sales.
  4. Analytics and Insights: Understand your customers better with Yext’s analytics. Track how customers interact with your business online and leverage these insights for targeted marketing and service improvements.
  5. Time-Saving Convenience: Managing your online presence across multiple platforms can be daunting. Yext simplifies this process, allowing you to update information from one centralized platform – saving you time and hassle.

How much?

When you go to Yext directly, it costs you $1,188 per year
(or $152 per month if you go monthly) and you have to do everything yourself.

When you signup for Yext through Modern Web Studios you get all the same quality and tools you do from Yext but for much less and for only $79.95 per month and a one time setup of $120 and the best part is you never have to do anything, just leave all the updating to us!

If you need to update your hours, you call or email us, we do it for you. If you have a new phone number, call us or email us and we will update it for you. No Stress!

A one-time setup of $120 then $79.95 per month

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Why don’t I just go to Yext directly and do it myself?

Well, you certainly can!  Whether you do it yourself or have us do it doesn’t matter, just DO IT!
It will help your SEO and build your website’s reputation.

But sometimes our clients are just too busy to figure it all out and maintain it so they prefer to pay us.
Besides, when you signup for Yext with us, you pay less AND we do the work for you!

A one-time setup of $120 then $79.95 per month

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