Do You Want a Show Car or a Race Car for a Website?

When it comes to building you an awesome website, it’s much like building you an awesome car. We need to know if you want a Show Car that looks amazing and turns heads or a Race Car that looks cool but really performs on the track!

Let us explain…

A SHOW Car for a Website:

A Show car has all the looks and sounds that grab your customer’s attention and will certainly make a lasting impression on them when they see it for the first time (and continue to look at it closer). We can add all kinds of eye candy to keep their attention on all of the various customizations they see as they browse around. With all this shiny paint and mesmerizing chrome, your website will not do very well in the race for the first page of Google when competing against Professional Race Cars.

We can build your website with large high resolution photo backgrounds and vibrantly rich colored graphics that animate in as a visitor scrolls down your page and sees the content come to life as they reach the various sections of the page. We can create elements that interact with the mouse and even interact with the gyroscope on their smart phones and tablets. We can give them a lot to chew on as they browse and become wowed by the presentation of your products and/or services.

A RACE Car for a Website:

A Race car looks pretty cool and yes it grabs the attention but isn’t as elegant sleek looking as a show car. However, it does truly compete with all the other race cars you’re competing with in the race to the top of the first page of Google. A Race car is made for speed and efficiency and your load times are optimized to get you to where you need to be to meet Google’s guidelines in the race.

We can build your website with Google in mind as we keep the graphics and background images to a minimum and optimize the graphic elements we do use, ensuring that they are tuned up to the most effective and efficient  load time they can be. We can trim down all of the heavy scripts and use lighter weight options giving your race car a better chance to zoom past the competition. Of course souping up the engine and installing a very expensive Nitrous system will appreciate performance substantially.

  • Interactive elements and high resolution graphics that impress the visitor.
  • No real limits to adding the Wow Factor.
  • Ensuring the website has a pleasing user experience on both phones and tablets in addition to regular desktops and laptops.
  • Interactive add-ons with hover effects and elements that respond to the mouse and that utilizes some of the latest technology to impress your visitors.
  • Interactive backgrounds that move at a different speed than the page scrolls to give a more modern, unique feel as the visitor browses your pages.
  • We only focus on the design and content not spending any extra time on page load times and script optimization.

  • We take the time to run all of the images through an additional high-end image optimization software to make the images the absolute smallest they possibly can be without effecting the quality of the image.
  • Next-Level image optimization to make Google and Other Speed test checking websites satisfied with the images.
  • CSS Optimization to ensure the style sheets are all compressed and load as fast as they can.
  • JavaScript Optimization to ensure the site’s scripts are all effectively loading and in the fastest order. Some scripts will mean we need to remove certain effects and animations. This is like taking the radio and hinges out of a race car, you don’t need those at 200 miles an hour!


You’re probably asking yourself: “Why can’t I have both?” and that’s a great question. One of the best ways to achieve both an effective wow factor and achieving Google ranking at the same time is to have us build you a show car and pay off the Race Car Judges. (aka. Google Adwords)


“Accelerating websites is extremely important. Faster websites mean satisfied customers. PageSpeed becomes significant for rankings.”
– Matt Cutts, Google Search Quality Team


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