Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services for Small Businesses

For the past 14 years, graphic design has been in our blood. We have created everything from a simple logo to a very complex multi-page catalog with a large array of photos, copy and graphic design elements. Our jobs usually consist of photos that need to be scanned, cropped to shape with additional color adjustments, not to mention an occasional photo manipulation. We usually take the project from concept to completion and up until the end of 2007, we actually did the printing for all our jobs as well. So we are fully versed in all of the pre-press requirements and procedures. Ranging from small business cards to brochures for the smaller jobs up to presentation folders and multi-page catalogs and calendars for the medium size projects, we’ve covered the whole gamut of printing. Then you can look at our Large Format Digital Printing side: We’ve been designing for Large Format Digital Printing for over 8 years now and it’s not a simple task. You have to utilize much larger file sizes, understand how to work with various color modes as well as be able to know what will print right and what won’t and pay a lot closer attention to the detail than in traditional printing. We’ve printed Banners up to 3 stories tall and 15′ wide, done wall coverings (textured wallpaper), Fully Wrapped Vehicles, Produced cut-out photos of people and products, created life-sized presentations, the list goes on and on.

Just as it is in building a skyscraper or a vehicle, Design is the first most important stage of any print or production project. Designing your image, using the right colors, fonts, and styles are key to creating the representation you need to impress your potential clients. Without a well assembled presentation, you lessen your chances of success in achieving a large or “quality” client. Many businesses fail to recognize the need of a marketing strategy and they either fail in business or worse, fail to ever grow larger – remaining the same size, never to reach the point of true success. True Success meaning that you’re able to bring in the accounts that enable you to step out of your business and let it run itself.

We know how to design your logo or artwork accurately for any application. There are so many variables that must be considered when creating artwork. When we begin a design project for you, we consider all the possibilities that lay ahead. From your basic printing needs to screen printing of your uniforms, to your signage and your vehicles. Our Clients have been successful due to our branding and they’re happy talk about it. That’s why we’re so successful in our work and so many people come back to us time and time again. With our experience in all kinds of Printing, Marketing and Design, we will get the job done right for whatever need you have.

Graphic Design Services List:

• Logo Design
• Logo Reproduction (aka: Digitizing)
• Logo Alterations
• Ad Design and Layout
• Business Card Design
• CD Cover Layout
• Super-Imposed Graphics
• Custom Animation
• Typesetting
• Conceptual Drawings
• Brochure and Catalog Design
• Commercial Interior Branding
• Photo Manipulation
• Photo Repair
• Photo Cropping