Website Update Plans

Website Update Plans for the Small Business Person that’s short on time!…


With the Modern Web Studios Content-Manager you can make quick and easy updates to your website with information, pictures, videos and more. However; we have found that many of our customers don’t have the time to do important updates and additions to their website because they’re busy running their business. As a result Modern Web Studios offers some update plans so all you need to do is tell us what you need done on your website… and we do the rest!

Website Update Plan A

$25 for 1 Update per month

Website Update Plan B

$39 for 2 Updates per month

Website Update Plan C

$69 for 4 Updates per month

Each plan has a time limit associated with it as some tasks take more time than others. We can even analyze the types of updates and frequency needed to give you the optimum plan for your needs. The best part is.. if you don’t do any updates in a calendar month it carries over! So you never have to feel like the money is wasted. We want to be as fair as we can so we recommend for new update customers to start with the basic plan… if your update needs are greater than that plan allows… we will be honest and let you know. We’re not like a lot of the other web design companies who times everything with a stopwatch… but we do want a program to make it fair for both sides.

Examples of updates or tasks that you might need done:

  • Create a New Informational Page.
  • Style an existing page utilizing PhotoFX, and Heading tags.
  • Add 1-20 photos to your gallery.
  • Watermark/Branded & Web Optimize your images for your gallery before uploading.
  • Replace or add a PDF Document.
  • Change a Phone number in up to 3 places throughout the website.
  • Changes to some wording on a page.
  • Change or add Social Media links.
  • Change an email address on all the contact forms and footer.
  • Add a new Testimonial.
  • Inserting Facebook Feed or Twitter Feed Code.
  • Inserting Google Analytics Code.
  • Modify or add Meta tags (Title, Description or Keywords).
  • Embed a customer provided YouTube Video.
  • Update the Animated Widget Text.
  • Modify a Featured Content Slide.
  • Make some minor changes to the contact or quote request forms.


*Some of these are able to be doubled up, meaning we can do two or more in one single update.

  1. Your unused Updates DO rollover for future upgrades but cannot be applied to hosting nor are they refundable.
  2. All updates are priced based on reserving time slots each month for our designers and will not be refunded.
  3. Unused updates can be applied in the form of credit which can be used for upgrades.
  4. One update cannot exceed 1 hour. Each update will be evaluated and approved on a per case basis. But as always, we will be fair.

Examples of what’s not included:

  • Replacing a plugin if it’s discontinued. This requires research and can lead to more than the allotted hour, however, we may end up doing this if you haven’t utilized any or many hours of updates in a while. Using accumulated credit is considered on a per event basis. As always we will be more than fair. 
  • Rebuilds or Redesigns of a website as this often times takes more than the allotted amount of time per month.

Additional Services you might be interested in:

Blog Writing: Custom writing blog articles to keep your website and social media fresh with ongoing content.
(Subscription-based discount pricing available) 

Social Media Training: We can show you how to get the most out of your Social Media with the utilization of your website and some of the features build in.


Getting Started is easy, just email us or call us and say:
“Get me setup on one of those cool Updating Plans!”
(888) 987-7771
[email protected]