Search Engine Optimization Analysis of Your Website: $239 $49

Our SEO review consists of many factors such as a website’s foundation/platform, content, links and social media to see how your site lines up to Google’s search recommendations. After analyzing multiple factors you will speak to one of our professionals on some common sense approaches to SEO. We will provide you with some important recommendations to better your results for search engines. In the Analysis, we break down the SEO elements and their importance looking for what will work best for both your market area and your budget. We will provide you with a comprehensive report that you can either give to your web developer or submit for quote requests by other web developers.

Some of the things that will be reviewed are:

  • Analyze your website’s position on Google for 3 to 5 key terms
  • Analyze your meta descriptions and meta keywords
  • Analyze your website’s keyword density
  • Make recommendations on SEO options (Organic vs. Pay-Per-Click vs. a combination of both)
  • Make recommendations based on competition ratio.
  • Determine capability of your website’s built-in SEO tools (if any) and provide you with some suggestions on how to improve your existing ranking considering the tools you have available to you in your current CMS system.
  • Perform a Mobile Device Accessibility Analysis (Tablets and smart phones, as well as multiple platforms within each type of device)
  • Provide Social Media Consultation


Important note:
If you choose to have us rebuild your website we will apply $49 toward your new website if you choose to hire us to build your website.