Small Business Website Design Packages

Today small businesses have to work even harder to achieve the same success as days gone by. The internet has become so competitive that customers are deciding in seconds whether to do business with you, solely based on the look and feel of your website. Sure there are free or super cheap small business website design options out there, but do you really want the anchor of your online presence to be created by an algorithm?

Since 2007 Modern Web Studios has become known for keeping our on the pulse of modern website designs, eye-catching graphics and results oriented structures; all while keeping small business website design AFFORDABLE. We don’t buy templates, we hand craft them to meed the needs of each and every client.

Every Small Business Website Design Package Includes:

Small Business Website Design Packages - Bullet CheckmarkConsultation with a Small Business Expert

Small Business Website Design Packages - Bullet CheckmarkMobile Friendly Design (Phones & Tablets)

Small Business Website Design Packages - Bullet CheckmarkComing Soon Page Up Same Day

Small Business Website Design Packages - Bullet CheckmarkCompletion in 5-10 Business Days*

Small Business Website Design Packages - Bullet CheckmarkSocial Media Links

Small Business Website Design Packages - Bullet CheckmarkContact Form

Small Business Website Design Packages - Bullet CheckmarkBlog Manager

Small Business Website Design Packages - Bullet CheckmarkAccess to edit your website

Small Business Website Design Packages - Bullet CheckmarkSSL Certificate

Small Business Website Design Packages - Bullet CheckmarkPremium Support

Small Business Website Design Packages - Bullet CheckmarkSecurity Updates

Small Business Website Design Packages - Bullet CheckmarkPowerful Design Tools

Small Business Website Design Packages - Bullet CheckmarkWeekly Backups

*Your small business website design will be up and running in 5-10 business days once we’ve been provided the content (images and text).
There may be delays as we wait for customer provided content. We move at your speed. 🙂

Small Business Website Design Packages - Buy on Credit!

Small Business Website Design Packages - Responsive and Mobile First Design!

Flexible Designs

We have created industry based templates that allow for affordable website design options for small businesses. We can also take those templates and tweak them to your liking; or even make something totally custom from scratch. Have a small business website design in mind? We can construct the look, feel and function of nearly ANY small business website design on the internet!


Mobile Friendly

It seems like a mute point in today’s technology but yes, all of our small business website designs are mobile ready. Our platforms and training assists customers in editing techniques to make sure that additional updates keep with this mobile friendly mindset for your small business website design.

Small Business Website Design Packages - Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Hosting and Support for Your Small Business Website

Small Business Website Design Packages - Reliable HostingStandard level Hosting/ support package is $29.95 per month Includes:

  • Access to Easy Editing system
  • Security updates for platform and plugins
  • Ongoing training on editor
  • Basic Cyber Security for site
  • Weekly, off site Backups
  • Courtesy SEO Training
  • Courtesy Small Business Website Design Marketing Advice

*Courtesy services are those that can be provided because of the diverse and experienced team that works with Modern Web Studios. The SEO and Small business website design consultations are not included as a paid service or part of your ongoing hosting payment or purchase price.

Small Business Website Design Packages - First Page of Google Gaurantee AvailableSearch Engine Optimization

Let’s face it, what good is it to have an AWESOME website if no one can find it? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key factor that must be considered if you want your website to perform as good as it looks. Our approach to SEO is a little different that other companies because not all companies need or want SEO. Many website companies offer a full guaranteed SEO performance website, but naturally charge big bucks for them (average $5,000 and up)… plus an average of $300-$500 per month to maintain it.

Our customized SEO tactics are so flexible that every customer can benefit. From training on tactics to paid optimization we really are a One Stop Shop for small business website design, development and support!


State of the Art Website Editing Experience

Our Content manager, powered by WordPress, has been elegantly crafted to provide the tools and the training to make sure the CUSTOMER is empowered to edit their own website. So few companies offer the levels of access that we do, afraid the customer will break the site and force repairs; however, our system eliminates those concerns. We’ve developed the State-of-the-Art Editing Experience that has been based on 15 years of continual development with input from over 500 customers to craft a powerful editor that is very easy to use.

Small Business Website Design Packages - Super Easy Website Editor

All of Our Hosted Small Business Websites Include…

Icon 1 - Small Business Website Design PackagesAn Easy Yet Powerful Editor:

We’ve customized WordPress to a degree that even WordPress Gurus are impressed. We’ve custom developed our own plugins along with an impressive collection of licensed plugins that make your editing experience both smooth flowing as well as efficient, because small business owners are very busy, they don’t have time to fiddle with their website all day.

Icon 2 - Small Business Website Design Packages Premium Support:

As you can see from so many testimonials from our amazing customers, Modern Web Studios has a heart for serving. Each team member truly desires for your business to grow and thrive. We want you to know we care and that you can call on us for help editing your website or even deciding how to go about a new promotion. Real Small Business Specialists, not a call center.

Icon 3 - Small Business Website Design Packages Marketing Support/Advice:

We don’t just provide you with answers to your questions, we also provide free, unlimited marketing advice. You can call us just to chat about some hair-brained idea you might have and we’ll tell you if it has potential or not. That’s right, a brutally honest, experienced marketing team by your side so you’ll know you’re not alone in your entrepreneurial adventure.

Icon 4 - Small Business Website Design Packages Powerful Design Tools:

From adding drop shadows, glows and frames to your images (making your pages look unique) to animating your message and bringing the page to life as your potential customers scroll down the page, we make it so easy with a couple of clicks. You can add flare to your website within seconds and make your site really stand out from your competitors. We’re always developing new tools and usually give them to you for free with hosting.

Icon 5 - Small Business Website Design Packages Security Updates:

WordPress is the most widely used website editing system and they are releasing updates almost monthly now. It’s very important to stay up to date with the latest security updates or your site is at risk of being hacked. We include updates to not only WordPress but also all of your plugins. It’s all just part of your monthly hosting, unlike any other hosting company (they leave that to you and your developer).

Icon 6 - Small Business Website Design Packages Weekly Backups:

We do weekly local backups as well as weekly offsite backups of your website in case something did happen to it allowing us to restore it in a couple of hours, should the need arise. This is also something most hosting companies charge you a lot for (in addition to the hosting charger). This is crucial in our opinion because we believe you can never be too cautious when it comes to your business!

Easy Editing - Small Business Website Design PackagesWith your Easy to use editor you can create unlimited pages, unlimited forms and unlimited galleries on your own using our CMS (Content Management System). If you need us to create, style and graphically enhance pages for you using your content, just let us know and we can do it FOR you for a reasonable price. Our small business website designs come pre-packed with 6 pages of universally written content to get you started.

Here are some of the features included with your website:

  • 6 Pre-filled Pages of Content (Home, About Us, Services, FAQ, Gallery, & Contact Us)
  • Pre-Designed Theme of your choice (Responsive, Mobile Friendly) Upgrades available
  • A Contact Us page with a Google Map to your location (if needed) and a general Contact form
  • Search Engine Friendly URL’s (the ability to set custom keywords in the address of each page)
  • Built-in Search Feature (allows visitors to quickly find the information they’re looking for)
  • Widgets (you can edit the sections of the template below the menu or in the footer, depending on your template)
  • Social Media Links and Live Streaming Facebook or Twitter Posts Module (if needed)
  • A “back to top” button (allows your visitors a convenient way to get to the top of your page with a single click which also makes your site more user-friendly)
  • Animated text in the header and in some cases also in the footer (fully editable content  you can change whenever you want) *Theme restrictions apply
  • PhotoFX (which gives you the ability to add 3-D effects to your photos with drop shadows, borders, glows, and more all with the click of a button) Click Here for an example screen shot to show you how it works.
  • Search Engine Optimization tools throughout the website editor giving you access to everything you need to enhance your Google ranking yourself. (But we can still do it for you if you prefer)
  • Marketing advice from one of our Small Business Website Design Specialists
  • The ability to hide pages until you are ready to make them visible.
  • Create and modify your own contact forms to make a detailed info request page which is a great lead generation tool.
  • A CAPTCHA which keeps your forms from being filled out by Bots (scripts that use contact forms to fill in forms to send YOU spam through your website). 

Our easy-to-use content manager (powered by WordPress) is the best in the industry. We have simplified the complicated WordPress editor to work better for our customers that need an easy editor; without the traditional extensive training WordPress sites are known for.

You can cancel at any time because there’s no long term contracts to sign!  🙂
We believe our second-to-none support and service will be enough to continue to earn your small business website design business year after year.

Click the link below and take our Demo for a test drive to see how your website will look!

 Demo - Small Business Website Design Packages

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