Social Media Business Pages

Social Media Business Pages
by Modern Web Studios

Thank you for your interest in our social media packages. We’re confident that the information on this page will help you understand a little about the different social media platforms and how they work. If you need any help deciding which social media websites you should use for your business, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

We have broken down the different social media websites that we offer, in order for you to be better able to better understand what you are purchasing. Below you will find the sites listed with a short description of each, along with how it can be used for a business, and what business types it’s suited for.

Choose from one of our Social Media Packages:

Social Media Necessity Package: Facebook, Twitter, and AngiesList
The Social Media Necessity package gives you the basics that you need to get a presence in the social media community. We have paired the two most popular social media sites with one of the largest business review sites to give you a package that will get you a presence for your business and a few quality inbound links at an affordable price.



Social Media Complete Package: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, AngiesList, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp, Thumbtack, Bing Places.
Our Complete Social Media Package comes with everything you need to get a strong social media presence as well as quality inbound and outbound links for your website. This package comes with the setup of ten sites including Facebook, Pinterest, and AngiesList.  Each site in this package has a specific function to enhance a certain area of your business, for example: Pinterest is useful for showcasing your work and can be packed with inbound links to your website, YouTube is for uploading videos which can be shared all over the web, and AngiesList allows customers to review your business as well as read reviews about your business.

Or…    Order Individually:

Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites out there, and can be used by a business owner for: sharing specials and coupons, introducing new stock, getting to know your customers and so much more. Facebook is also an established service that Google looks at favorably as an outbound and inbound link for your website when it is calculating your rankings.


Twitter is a social media website known for its “tweets” or short messages of up to 140 characters. You can use this service to share pictures, video’s and messages with your followers. You can set up your account to let you post you tweets via a text message (making it highly convenient) or you can post in the traditional way.

Twitter is a great way to get to know your customers as they typically enjoy posting about what is going on in their lives. It is also a valuable tool for running coupons and ads, announcing new inventory, talking about what is going on around your business and much more.


YouTube is a website where you can share and watch videos and comment on other people’s videos

YouTube is great for running commercials, talking about your business, offering tutorials on various subjects and informing people of sales, promotions, new stock… Its greatest asset for a business is that videos that are uploaded to YouTube can be shared all over the web.

This specific social media website will require you to have at least one video. We can do a short 30 second commercial for you if you want, just ask your salesperson for information on our Video Services.


Angieslist is a website that is designed for customers to find a business and to rate and review that business. It offers businesses free subscriptions while the customers pay a small fee to get a subscription to their site.

Angieslist is an online review service which allows businesses to sign up for free while the customers pay a small fee which means that the customers who find you on Angieslist are going to be real people and not someone trying to spam you and plaster your page with negative reviews. Not only does this service allow your customers to review you it also gives you the option to respond to those reviews, which keeps you in touch with your customers and enables you to explain and settle problems people may have had on their visit.


Pinterest is a website which allows people to “pin” things from their computers or around the web which can then be returned to later. Pins are similar to bookmarks on a computer but are interactive and much more popular. Your pins can be arranged into different categories and you can chose to make them available for public viewing.

Pinterest is a website which has a couple of components that are very useful to a business. You can upload pictures of your inventory and finished projects and use it as a gallery to showcase your business. You can pin different sites around the web including your own which helps with inbound links as well as giving you more content which makes customers stay longer. Because Pinterest is such a popular site among the general public a well thought out pin could easily reach thousands of people in a day. If that pin is linked to your website than each time someone pins it all of their followers are able to click on it and reach your website. Every pin offers up to 300 characters of description which gives you the ability to SEO and link every pin you make. Pins and boards can be shared on most of the social media sites.


Yelp is an online review website which allows customers to find and review your business and gives you the ability to publicly respond to those reviews.

Yelp allows customers to review your business which can increase traffic to your business if you get positive reviews. With yelp you have the ability to publicly respond to your customers reviews, this not only allows you to thank the customers who took the time to write a positive review, but also allows you to deal with issues posed by dissatisfied customers. Yelp also offers a feature where you can send coupons and offers directly to your customers.


Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.

Instagram is commonly used by businesses to send pictures of new and featured items, introduce employees, run photo campaigns and contests and send exclusive coupons; however, you are not at all limited to these things. It is a way to brand your company with your followers and promote your business.



Thumbtack is an online lead generator. People go to Thumbtack, search for businesses by category and request a quote for services they are interested in. If you choose to send a quote then you will pay thumbtack for that lead, if you choose to ignore it you pay nothing. The only time you have to pay thumbtack is when you accept a lead.

Thumbtack is a service that helps you to get your name out in the public even if you decide not to pay for any leads, it also is a good outbound link for your website. If you choose to buy a couple of the leads then you may also find some valuable customers through this service.

Note: This is ONLY for service based businesses.


Foursquare allows you to share your location with friends. When you walk into a shop or restaurant or mall, you “check-in” (Foursquare’s term) on your cellphone or mobile device, and your friends will see where you are on a Foursquare map

Foursquare allows you as a business to keep track of your customers, and how frequently they visit your location. You can run different campaigns and deals to encourage your customers to keep returning, and attract new customers by running a coupon such as “check in with three friends and receive four free sodas with a purchase” You can also set different awards that people receive a coupon for reaching such as most check-ins or biggest group to check-in in a week.



Bing Places for Business allows you to claim your business on Bing and verify that you are the rightful owner. You can add rich and accurate information about your business, which then gets displayed to users searching on Bing.

Bing places is a low maintenance way to get your name out in the public. Listing your business and adding categories allows it to appear in searches related to your company. A Bing account also comes with a listing on their map so your location is listed for people to easily locate you.

All of the above Social Media products are for setting up the initial account, regular ongoing maintenance is work that would need to be done by you, an employee of yours or you can pay us to write ongoing blogs and post them for you.

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