Turn Key Contractor/ Service Website


  • 9 Pages
  • Pre-written Stock Content
  • Pre-designed Theme
  • Mobile Friendly Design
        (Phones & Tablets)
  • Coming Soon Page Up Same Day
  • Completion in 5-10 Business Days*
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact Form
  • Photo Gallery
  • Access to edit your website
       (Some technical skills required)
  • Premium One-on-One Phone Support
  • Security Updates
  • Powerful Design Tools
  • Weekly Backups 

Requires a Hosting/Support account of $24.95 per month.
Hosting Includes Premium Support, Ongoing WordPress Security Updates and Weekly Backups.

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Additional Notes

The terms related to this product purchase *

By Checking this box, I confirm that I understand that the hosting requirement and content editing/addition is my responsibility.
If you have questions prior to purchase, please call us at (888) 598-4447. We want to try and answer your questions BEFORE you spend any money with us! Because we have demos showing what you will get, examples of real sites we have done and verified Testimonials of our satisfied clients, we do not offer refunds.

1. I also understand that this website is PRE-FILLED with service based content and images. Editing this content is my responsibility however, I understand content services and images can be provided at an additional charge.

2. I also understand this agreement requires a Modern Web Studios hosting/ support agreement at $34.95 per month and is not eligible to be transferred to another hosting provider. You will be contacted by our Small Business Consultant within 24 hours or the next business day to setup the website and hosting.


*Up and running in 5-10 business days once we’ve been provided the content (images and text). There may be delays as we wait for customer provided content. We move at your speed.

All of Our Hosted Websites Include…

An Easy Yet Powerful Editor:

We’ve customized WordPress to a degree that even WordPress Gurus are impressed. We’ve custom developed our own plugins along with an impressive collection of licensed plugins that make your editing experience both smooth flowing as well as efficient, because small business owners are very busy, they don’t have time to fiddle with their website all day.

Premium Support:

As you can see from so many testimonials from our amazing customers, Modern Web Studios has a heart for serving. Each team member truly desires for your business to grow and thrive. We want you to know we care and that you can call on us for help editing your website or even deciding how to go about a new promotion. Real Small Business Specialists, not a call center.

Marketing Support/Advice:

We don’t just provide you with answers to your questions, we also provide free, unlimited marketing advice. You can call us just to chat about some hair-brained idea you might have and we’ll tell you if it has potential or not. That’s right, a brutally honest, experienced marketing team by your side so you’ll know you’re not alone in your entrepreneurial adventure.

Powerful Design Tools:

From adding drop shadows, glows and frames to your images (making your pages look unique) to animating your message and bringing the page to life as your potential customers scroll down the page, we make it so easy with a couple of clicks. You can add flare to your website within seconds and make your site really stand out from your competitors. We’re always developing new tools and usually give them to you for free with hosting.

Security Updates:

WordPress is the most widely used website editing system and they are releasing updates almost monthly now. It’s very important to stay up to date with the latest security updates or your site is at risk of being hacked. We include updates to not only WordPress but also all of your plugins. It’s all just part of your monthly hosting, unlike any other hosting company (they leave that to you and your developer).

Weekly Backups:

We do weekly local backups as well as weekly offsite backups of your website in case something did happen to it allowing us to restore it in a couple of hours, should the need arise. This is also something most hosting companies charge you a lot for (in addition to the hosting charger). This is crucial in our opinion because we believe you can never be too cautious when it comes to your business!

Here are some of the features included with your website:

  • 9 Pre-filled Pages of Content (Home, About Us, Services, FAQ, Gallery, Get a Quote, Blog, Payment, & Contact Us)
  • Professionally Customized Theme
  • Live Chat
  • PayPal Payment Page
  • Feature Content Slider
  • Blog Article Manager
  • A Contact Us page with a Google Map to your location (if needed) and a general Contact form
  • Search Engine Friendly URL’s (the ability to set custom keywords in the address of each page)
  • Built-in Search Feature (allows visitors to quickly find the information they’re looking for)
  • Blocks (you can edit the sections of the template below the menu or in the footer, depending on your template)
  • Social Media Links and Live Streaming Facebook or Twitter Posts Module (if needed)
  • A “back to top” button (allows your visitors a convenient way to get to the top of your page with a single click which also makes your site more user-friendly)
  • Contact Form with a CAPTCHA which keeps your forms from being filled out by Bots (scripts that use contact forms to fill in forms to send YOU spam through your website).
  • A very easy to use “Click to Enlarge” feature which you can use to turn a large picture into a small picture and have your visitor click to enlarge without having to learn HTML.