SEO Booster

One of the many things that search engines look for is the size or “footprint” of the website. This algorithm looks at information contained within the site for organic placement. The more robust and informative your site is, the easier it is for search engines to find and place your site for the keywords to be found. With our organic booster we help provide some of the information search engines are looking for.

(Note: While our SEO Booster program can be quite effective, it should not be considered the only thing. There are over 250 different things that search engines look at for competitive placement)

SEO Booster Setup – $1495 (per campaign)
(6 month min. agreement)

(Includes light base site work and add-on programs. This work will remain on the site even if you choose to stop the campaign after the contract term, however the booster program and pages will be removed.)

NOTE: This is an Exclusive Modern Web Studios Program. It is not transferable to another server and can not be replicated later. Google gives you one shot to upload quantity booster pages.

City-Specific Search Terms Quantity and Pricing:

Because organic results are difficult to achieve, we can not guarantee that search engines will respect the booster campaign alone. Other factors come into play as well. The booster is just one of the many ways to help your site perform better.

Note: Monthly campaign costs are billed during the the first week of the month. An SEO report is provided as well.

City-Specific Search Terms – Price Tiers:

$195 for 1-100 City-Specific Search Terms (Requires a 6 month min. agreement)

$295 for 101-250 City-Specific Search Terms (Requires a 6 month min. agreement)

$395 for 251-500 City-Specific Search Terms (Requires a 6 month min. agreement)

501 and up City-Specific Search Terms will need Custom Quoted

Note: If you are running the booster with a new site with a new domain we can release all keyterms at once; otherwise they are released 3 per day. The larger the campaign, the longer it will take to release. (Approximately 90 City-Specific Search Terms per month)

The SEO Booster is one part of the many parts of online success. Don’t fall for the slick schemes and promises of overnight success. Organic placement takes time and patience to achieve success and the more competitive the term is… the more difficult it is to achieve first page results.

Our SEO booster is just that… it boosts the solid foundation that your site already is built upon. It does not and we do not promise anything other than it will boost you farther than your were before we started.

City-Specific Search Term and how does it work?

A City-Specific Search Term is a longtail version of a keyword to allow search engines to be more focused on the term. We add “variables” to make them more powerful within searches:

So instead of just: Home Improvement

It would be: Home Improvement Company Jacksonville

This term is made up of the:

Keyword: (Home Improvement)

Type: (Company) – Variable

Geo area: (Jacksonville) – Variable

The variables allow us to take 10 Type Variables and 10 Geo Variables to create multiple on-line references of the City-Specific Search Term for a total of 100 City-Specific Search Term references

Why a Minimum Month Agreement?

Organic search engine optimization takes time, sometimes a lot of time. Patience is a key virtue when looking at organic placement. The booster releases terms out at 3 terms per day to give google time to accept and process them. Depending of the amount of terms it may take weeks or months just to get all the terms released. THEN google will need time to measure those terms against the rest of the criteria factors. A term minimum is mandatory because it may take that long just to see traction on competitive terms.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO ACKNOWLEDGE: When the campaign stops, the pages will be removed and become broken (404) links on the internet. If you should choose to restart the campaign the page process would start again. (Indexed pages are not like adwords that can be turned on/off, it takes weeks or months, depending on the size of the campaign, to index.)

Refunds: Because this is a 100% effort of labor and purchased software there are no refunds attached to performance or guarantee of performance results. Once the process starts it must run the course of the agreement. There are no refunds available for any part or portion of the SEO Booster program. Again you are not charged for the performance of the campaign unless your keyterms reach first page on google (anywhere on the first page).

What Else Can Be done?

As we mentioned above, the SEO Booster is just one of the many things you can do to help with the organic performance of the site. Smart business owners are going to do many different things to help reinforce and promote their website to help bolster their online presence. Additional things you might look into might be:

  • Social Media interaction
  • Article writing
  • Content writing
  • Keyterm saturation
  • Use of the metadata or Yoast formats
  • Article sharing and blog interaction

Customers of Modern Web Studios receive detailed training on these additional techniques as part of their ongoing support subscription.

One of the glaring statistics that helps with organic placement is the ratio of use. Statistically speaking, only 3% of websites work with their site after set-up; making those site owners and managers who do invest the time and strategy into a booster, or other additional organic tactics, perform over time. Naturally competition plays into all of these with some terms and markets easier to achieve than others. This is why a booster can be a large help to your organic seo strategy.