The Right Tool for the Right Job

The right tool for the right job

The tools available from Modern Web Studios serve in both functionality as well as look good, but all that set aside they are there to get more business! Case in point is the chat feature that you see on our website, premium sites and coincidentally is available for upgrade as well; we received a chat message for assistance from our landscaping website package:; thing is we weren’t the droids he was looking for… he was looking for a website provider that had a similar web address.

Here to help

Even though we weren’t the ones who he was looking for I asked him if we could help him with anything; he began to tell us of the different troubles he was having with his e-mail and how bad his support was, he even mentioned that no one could convert over his website because of all the different support issues that he was having. We walked him through a few steps to try to help with his e-mail issues and then introduced him to our pre-designed landscaping websites that we offer. He was instantly impressed; not only by our customer service but by the quality product that we offer.

The extra mile

By having the chat tool installed on our website we were able to instantly engage with a customer and not only will help him with the trouble that he was having but also introduce him to the next level of quality website service. It is very true that not all website providers are the same; because he had gone with one of those packaged sites he got packaged customer service as well… never really talking to someone who dealt with websites on a daily basis but rather a call center that didn’t know his website from a toaster! We pride ourselves more on service after the sale then we do before the sale, because it comes down to simply helping our customers have the very best websites that they could possibly want.

The end result… We WERE the droids he was looking for after all!

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