Google My Business & Yahoo/Bing Business Listings

Is your business listed properly with Google, Yahoo and Bing?

Your Google My Business account is now one of the key features that helps Google find your business and your website. With the recent changes in search engine settings, making sure your Google listing is correct is critical. If you don’t have a Google My Business account yet (but don’t have the… Read more of this article

WooCommerce Product Variation Importing

Step 1: Make Your Import File… Click Here to download a copy of the above Template to follow. Basic rules to follow: If you want there to be multiple variations of that product, you just need to keep the product name exactly the same in column A for all of the rows regarding that product. (like my example above where all of column A is the same) If you have different… Read more of this article

If you get this in the mail about your domain name, toss it in the trash

Problem: Domain Name Registration Companies attempt to get you to switch your domain to them, but your domain ends up expiring because they can’t take it over with out your help.

We get these letters in the mail all the time with companies trying to trick us into registering our domain names through them instead of with the company we currently use. This… Read more of this article

Google Chrome is Set to Mark All Non SSL Sites to Not Secure in July 2018

As of July, 2018 Google Chrome will be marking all websites that are not running on an SSL certificate (the address bar reads https://) as NOT SECURE. This can be a devastating thing for business because when people see a message that says your site is not secure, they think that the site is not safe. In actuality, it’s safe, just not for putting credit card… Read more of this article

Create a Link to Your Google Reviews Page

Reviews are extremely important these days and this is a quick little tutorial to show you how to get your link to put yours on your site. Go to the PlaceID Lookup Tool at Google Enter your business name in the “Enter a location” field at the top of the map Click your business name in the list that appears. Your Place ID will appear on the map, beneath your business… Read more of this article

Warning Your Domain May Expire

Don’t let your domain name expire, take a few minutes and verify your account is up to date with an email you check regularly and that the credit card on file for payment/renewal is current and active. The Domain Name for your website ( can expire, if it does it can be very difficult and even costly to get back. Over the years domain companies… Read more of this article

Do YOU Own Your Google Business Listing or Does a Competitor?

Have you taken the time to claim your business listings? Your competitor may have already! Every day businesses fall prey to unclaimed business listings that their competitors swoop in and take from them unknowingly. This allows them to give your customers the impression that they are talking to you, but they’re actually talking to your competitor! What… Read more of this article