Setting Your IPN in Your PayPal Account

1. Login to your PayPal account 2. Go to the settings button in the upper right hand corner 3. Click Account Settings 4. Search for “IPN” in the search box on the left 5. Click “Update” in the “Instant payment notifications” section 6. Click the orange button called “Choose IPN Settings” 7. Input the site’s… Read more of this article

Search Network/ Shopping

SEARCH NETWORK / SHOPPING It acts like yesterday’s “Yellow Pages” – It’s where people go to find/research what they need (or think they need) “Just Google It” Search Engines: Google / Bing / Yahoo / And Now The NEW Voice Activated Search: “Hey Alexa” “Hey Google” “Hey Siri”, etc… Keyword driven / Cost Per Click / Text Ads / Geographically Targeted Examples of Text… Read more of this article