Google Display Network for Images & Video

A very powerful tactic that Google has added to their marketing tools is the display of images and videos within partnering websites. This Display network is like today’s TV, Radio, Movie Theater, and Mall advertising where you target the audience; right where they are. This tactic allows your message to be seen for those searching for your products and services,… Read more of this article

Search Network/ Shopping

SEARCH NETWORK / SHOPPING It acts like yesterday’s “Yellow Pages” – It’s where people go to find/research what they need (or think they need) “Just Google It” Search Engines: Google / Bing / Yahoo / And Now The NEW Voice Activated Search: “Hey Alexa” “Hey Google” “Hey Siri”, etc… Keyword driven / Cost Per Click / Text Ads / Geographically Targeted Examples of Text… Read more of this article

The Power of Search Results

The Power of Search Results 91% of online adults use search engines to find information on the web. (2012) 65 percent of people see online search as the most trusted source of information about people and companies. That’s a higher level of trust than any other online or offline source. (2014) Source Link…… Read more of this article

So, What Does Digital Advertising Mean to You?

With our Proven Digital Marketing Strategies tailored just for your business’s needs and goals… When people are in-market for your products or services, They will… Think of you as their FIRST Choice, Recognize you as their BEST Choice Choose you OFTEN ____________________________________________________________ So, What Does Digital Advertising… Read more of this article

What is Digital Advertising and Why Do You Need It?

What is Digital Advertising and Why Do You Need It? It’s affordable, targeted, and easy to use. Online is where the people are. To reach them as a business, you need to be there. FIRST / BEST / OFTEN is our principle. FIRST, you need to be seen online You need to be seen online as the BEST You need to be seen online OFTEN “A successful marketing campaign accomplished… Read more of this article

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing We can introduce you to THOUSANDS of potential clients. We specialize in custom building an Online Marketing plan for your budget and needs. Modern Web Studios – Digital Advertising We’re Experts at Creating Digital Marketing Campaigns – But Wait, So Are Many Others 🙁 So, What Sets Us Apart… We’re THE experts at providing Positive Returns… Read more of this article

Protect Your Investment!

Recently we’ve ran into a few situations where our customer has left a task of creating their social media or domain name account to an employee, only to find that when that person was no longer with the company; the passwords were nearly irretrievable. You must, as a business owner, insist to be involved with all account creation. It is the ONLY way to ensure… Read more of this article

Unmanaged WordPress Hosting vs Managed WordPress Hosting

With NO Auto Updates. You’re totally on your own. Backups Control Panel FTP Access Plugin Access Full Admin Access General Hosting Support Editor and Theme Support (Pay as Needed) Malware or Hack Support (Pay as Needed) Automatic Updates of Plugins (Pay as Needed) Automatic Updates of WP Core (Pay as Needed) Teamero Licensed Plugins (Not available)… Read more of this article

How Do I Know Which Email Plan is Best for Me?

Not all email plans are created equal. You should compare the 3 plans below to determine which is right for you and your business.

Personal Email (Not Recommended because this will soon be phased out)

Best for someone with a very limited budget and more of a starter plan than a plan for someone that is looking really use their email heavily. But doesn’t sync… Read more of this article