Your Email is Being Marked as Spam

There are a few potential reasons why this would be happening:

1. There’s something in your email that’s causing the receiver’s email to mark it as spam – Usually this is done by either a keyword that’s triggered it or a remote image that’s embedded in the email body. Sometimes it’s an attachment that’s causing it, sometimes it’s even something in your signature. You should probably consider something that’s changed since the last time you were able to successfully land an email in their inbox.
Solution: You should send them an email with no signature, no attachments and just a short simple text only sentence and short subject line. Additionally, you can have another person in the company (using the same domain email as yours) try sending this person an email and if they receive it then you have successfully confirmed that it’s something isolated to your particular email address. Proceed to the 2nd possibility.

2. Email is blocked by their Email program – Your email account is blocked by them due to them manually labeling your email address as spam. This can happen by accident but it does happen!
Solution: You can get them to fix this by looking in their email program to see if they have blocked your email somehow, however this is sometimes difficult as they may be offended that you think they block your email on purpose. We recommend mentioning that sometimes it happens by accident. If this still doesn’t land in their inbox, proceed to the 3rd possibility.

3. Your Domain Name is Blacklisted – Your email server is blocked due to someone in the company either having an email that was hacked and used by a spammer to send out mass spam emails or they themselves sent out a bunch of emails and got blacklisted due to a threshold being reached.
Solution: Lookup your domain name on ( in the drop-down choose “blacklist check” then type in your domain name and click the Blacklist Check button. If every item in that list is “OK” or “Timed Out” then you’re fine but if you see a red item, that means your email server is blocked due to spamming or something else. You should contact your Email service provider immediately.

4. Contact your email provider.

If Modern Web Studios is your email provider then login here.  Or Call us at (888) 987-7771

If GoDaddy is your email provider then login here.  or Call them at (480) 505-8877

If your email provider is neither, then you will need to contact that company for assistance.