An Email Account Vs a Forward

While it certainly is convenient to use a free Gmail or Yahoo email account, it’s not always the best idea if you’re trying to promote your website or your brand. It’s also not as nice-looking on a business card as one that matches your website. For example: [email protected] looks much better than [email protected] and you’re promoting your website at the same time.

Sometimes you just want the convenience of using the email you’ve had for years in which case you can just use a forward. In most cases forwards are free (depending on where your domain name is registered). However, purchasing a five pack of emails is actually pretty inexpensive if you’d like to make your company look it’s best. Below is an info graphic that can help you understand the difference.

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How do you buy forwards?
Easy, just login to your account, go create a forward and if you don’t have any available it will give you a link to add it to your card to purchase. They are $2 a year for 5!  Cheap, I know!!