Google My Business & Yahoo/Bing Business Listings

Is your business listed properly with Google, Yahoo and Bing?

Your Google My Business account is now one of the key features that helps Google find your business and your website. With the recent changes in search engine settings, making sure your Google listing is correct is critical.

If you don’t have a Google My Business account yet (but don’t have the time to properly set it up yourself) Modern Web Studios can help.

Our Pricing:

Set up a new account (new as there has never been one created): $125
Multiple locations (cities) is $75 per additional verified location
     (You will need to be able to receive a postcard at each location)

Update an account as needed is $75 (where you have the account info)
Multiple locations (cities) $75 per additional verified location

Need Bing and Yahoo? Add $75 for those 2 accounts and and $75 per account per location with purchase of the Google My Business setup. If you just need Bing and/or Yahoo then the price is the same as the Google My Business setup.

Have an account, but do not have the password?
No Problem, We can still help!

These search engines require an exact login credentials to access. Often a former employee or former website designer sets up the account leaving you with an outdated account or worse; inaccurate info. Google, Bing and Yahoo don’t make it easy to get access under these circumstances; but it can be done. Often with multiple calls and transfers to different departments. If this is your situation then there is a charge of $75 per account/per location as needed to recover the password.

Any of these services allows 15 minutes with our very own Brad (a Google Certified Professional), right here at Modern Web Studios. Additionally, there may be information and access codes mailed to you as part of the verification process.

Order your Google My Business or Yahoo & Bing Business Pages Now!

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Pricing Starts with just a single Google My Business Listing Setup for $125 and goes up from there, depending on how many locations and other options you choose. Just give us a call if you have any questions regarding this or anything related to your website. (888) 987-7771