How Do I Know Which Email Plan is Best for Me?

Not all email plans are created equal. You should compare the 3 plans below to determine which is right for you and your business.

Personal Email (Not Recommended because this will soon be phased out)

Best for someone with a very limited budget and more of a starter plan than a plan for someone that is looking really use their email heavily. But doesn’t sync… Read more of this article

Marking the Form Sending Email Address as NOT Spam in Gmail

Go into your spam folder and click on one of the emails from your forms. Click the “Not Spam” button in the top (NOT the one that says spam with an X next to it)Add the email address to your contacts:Click the Plus Circle in the lower right hand corner of the screen…Lastly (but a SUREFIRE way to guarantee they will never be missed) is add a rule to… Read more of this article