Understanding DMARC DNS Records: A Simple Guide for Everyone


Imagine someone (pretending to be you or someone in your company) sends a fake bill to your customers, tricking them into paying money for a job you never did. Or they might send an email asking your customers to click on a link that leads to a website with a harmful virus that can mess up their computers. Think of it like this: A con artist convinces your… Read more of this article

What’s the Difference between Office365 Email and Office365 Desktop Apps?

Microsoft (in their curious sense of wisdom) decided to name their email account services the same as their desktop applications (Office365). Of course, this makes the job of an IT professional somewhat more difficult because most customers don’t understand the difference. They easily get confused between the two since the name is very similar…… Read more of this article

Server Information for setting up an email account

Workspace Email Accounts: In Outlook: https://ca.godaddy.com/help/manually-add-email-account-to-outlook-2016-windows-28021 On Android: https://ca.godaddy.com/help/add-my-email-to-samsung-email-on-android-4906 In Apple Mail: https://in.godaddy.com/help/apple-mail-mac-set-up-email-24054 On Apple Phones: https://ca.godaddy.com/help/add-my-email-to-mail-on-iphone-or-ipad-3423… Read more of this article

Making Sure Your Form Submissions do not end up in your Outlook Spam or Junk Mail Folder

Most of the time we find this issue with Outlook and the way it manages emails from a server. In Outlook, go into your junk mail folder (also can be called Bulk Mail or Spam) right-click the form submission email and choose all three of the following… 1. Junk > Never Block Sender 2. Junk > Never Block Senders Domain 3. Junk > Not Junk   (Repeat this… Read more of this article

Marking the Form Sending Email Address as NOT Spam in Gmail

Go into your spam folder and click on one of the emails from your forms. (you can search for this email… [email protected]) Click the “Not Spam” button in the top (NOT the one that says spam with an X next to it) Add the email address to your contacts: Lastly (but a SUREFIRE way to guarantee they will never be missed) is add a rule to… Read more of this article