Changing Your Password in Webmail

Login to your webmail (This is usually just “email or webmail in front of your domain name, like this… 1. Settings 2. Personal Settings 3. Type in your Current Password 4. Type in your new password, but make it strong!         We recommend at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one number, and a special… Read more of this article

Server Information for setting up an email account

Workspace Email Accounts: In Outlook: On Android: In Apple Mail: On Apple Phones:… Read more of this article

Making Sure Your Form Submissions do not end up in your Outlook Spam or Junk Mail Folder

Most of the time we find this issue with Outlook and the way it manages emails from a server. In Outlook, go into your junk mail folder (also can be called Bulk Mail or Spam) right-click the form submission email and choose all three of the following… 1. Junk > Never Block Sender 2. Junk > Never Block Senders Domain 3. Junk > Not Junk   (Repeat this… Read more of this article

Setting up Your Email as POP on an iPhone

Tap Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars Tap Add Account Tap Other Tap Add Mail Account Enter your Name, Email address, Password and Any name you want to label this account. (example: Cool Example) Then tap Next. Set all of the server info (see screen shot below) then tap Save Open the mail application on your device and send a test and verify you can receive… Read more of this article