Crop Backgrounds out of Photographs for FREE and with ONE click!

I regularly watch tech tutorials on YouTube just to stay on top of technology. Sometimes it’s to learn a new JavaScript trick or to discover a more efficient way to do something I already know how to do; and sometimes it’s just to verify I’m already doing it the most efficient way. While I was watching a video today, I saw one of my favorite YouTubers do something with a website that was quite amazing! The crazy part is, it’s totally free! So I had to share it with you!

In essence this is a photo cropping tool, but not your average run-of-the-mill cropping tool; it actually works fast with zero effort! If you have a photograph of a person with a background on it or even a solid white background, you can remove the background and make it transparent. See my video below and watch how easy it is.  You can also see the minor imperfections and how it might not work for every instance you need it for. It’s perfect for many situations although you might need to do a little bit of work to the photo afterwards.

Please note, the limitations on this “Free” tool is that you cannot download a high res image unless you pay for it. They’re about $2 per high res photo but the free one is 600px tall or wide (maximum in either direction). However (for most website applications) content or product images are sufficient at that size.

Note: I don’t “endorse” this product. I used and and loved it. So I sharing the info with you.



Start cropping YOUR photos today!