Creating a Distribution Group (formerly known as an Email Forward) on GoDaddy

What is a Distribution Group?

It’s basically what a forward used to be. It’s when you don’t want to pay for an email account (let’s say for example [email protected]) and you want that email address to only redistribute to three people in the company. But no one at any point ever needs to send an email FROM it. That’s a Forward,… Read more of this article

Creating a Stripe Payment Link

1. Login to your Stripe account and search for “Payment”

2. Click the “Create Payment Link” button

3. Configure your Payment Form (choosing options to receive payment or donations, etc.)

4. Email us the URL they provide you. [email protected]   It will look like this… (We added a custom image to ours)  🙂… Read more of this article

How to Create a Filter in Gmail

Did you know that you can separate your business emails from your personal ones? You can create a filter that does something specific (mark it with a star, forward it to another email, etc.) to those particular types of emails every time they come in! Problem: You need to see only emails from your shopping cart. Solution: The following step-by-step screenshot… Read more of this article