Redirecting an Old Domain to a New One

When you’re moving from one domain to another and there are URLs that are important to you (aka: page links on the old site that you want to be rerouted to the new site) there are things that can be done to ensure your visitors flow through to your new website. Examples of some reasons why you would want to reroute them: Someone might have a link to your old site… Read more of this article

Locked Out of Website by WordFence

When you’ve tried to login and failed too many times in your Website, you might get this message…   3. Then you get this landing page…   4. Then you get this email…   5. Then you will be directed to the account login page where you will be able to continue trying your login. However, if you do not remember your login, you really… Read more of this article

WooCommerce Product Variation Importing

Step 1: Make Your Import File… Click Here to download a copy of the above Template to follow. Basic rules to follow: If you want there to be multiple variations of that product, you just need to keep the product name exactly the same in column A for all of the rows regarding that product. (like my example above where all of column A is the same) If you have different… Read more of this article

Blog Structure and Info

This is the introduction paragraph that should contain your focus keyword. The opening paragraph will also set the tone for the article, preparing the reader to a serious matter, or lighthearted view. We highly recommend to allow your writing style and personality to show through on your articles. Often someone will keep returning to your website (which is… Read more of this article