Google Display Network for Images & Video

A very powerful tactic that Google has added to their marketing tools is the display of images and videos within partnering websites. This Display network is like today’s TV, Radio, Movie Theater, and Mall advertising where you target the audience; right where they are.

This tactic allows your message to be seen for those searching for your products and services, without them visiting your website first (*requires a bundled Text ad)

Show your Information to The “Rest of the Internet” – The millions and millions of partnered websites that allow ads to be shown –

Partnering websites

Partnering websites are those who open up ad space on their site for display ads like yours. The ad space displays based on the search criteria and habits of your audience; laser focusing your results. Partnering sites can be information sites, news sites, blogging sites and products sites like: Fox, CNN, Facebook and more. By using Programmatic Targeting Based on Interests & Topics you get a better, focused result making your clicks more profitable.

Examples of Display Ads:

Display ads, like the ones below, look for search patterns to to show your ad on partnering websites using the Programmatic Targeting Based on Interests & Topics that is gathered by cookie info that is gathered and stored by nearly all search devices. Regular display ads are pre formatted in a variety of sizes to show on the display network.

Responsive Display Ads:

Responsive Display ads work the same as Display Ads, but will modify to fit the differing screen sizes. These are great to make sure your message looks great on all screens, from mobile to large monitors.


Lightbox Ad:

Lightbox ads work similar to the responsive ads but adds some flair. When people engage with Lightbox ads by clicking, tapping or hovering, the ads respond. Lightbox ads may expand to fill the screen, display videos or allow people to tap through a set of images, eventually landing at your website. Lightbox ads automatically adapt to fit ad spaces across the Display Network. While these have their place, their not our favorite; as they can be a little annoying to your visitor.

Video Ads

Just like the display ads, Video ads use videos to help grab someone’s attention. Statistics show upwards of a 73% greater likelihood of interaction with a video over images. This statistic holds true in websites, social media and yes… targeted ads.  These ads are placed in YouTube, Instagram and Google Partnered Video Websites really giving you a wide exposure to

Remarketing (Follow Me Ads)

These are image ads that follow you around into partnering websites after they have clicked on your website. These campaigns, though cheaper; limit you to the fact that the visitor needs to come to your site first. However once they do, it gives you that additional viewership to “follow them” keeping you fresh in their mind. This is huge as there are so many “web surfers” out there that just pop in to a site for a few seconds and go to the next site. This makes you stand out in a big way as you are the one that they will continue to see through the partnering website network!


By bundling these services together you get the best of both worlds, traffic that brings them to the table; then reminders of where they’ve been. Good marketing is to create a process whereby you are as much a part of the user’s experience as real estate allows.

Using the targeting and remarketing ads through google partnering websites to put your info… IN FRONT OF THOSE WHO ARE ALREADY LOOKING FOR YOU; just makes good sense.