What’s the Difference between Office365 Email and Office365 Desktop Apps?

Microsoft (in their curious sense of wisdom) decided to name their email account services the same as their desktop applications (Office365). Of course, this makes the job of an IT professional somewhat more difficult because most customers don’t understand the difference. They easily get confused between the two since the name is very similar… well, actually the same.

Office365 is now the name of both services. The Office package contains the programs you are used to being associated with the Office365 name like Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. However now Office365 is also associated with Microsoft emails, hence Office365 Email.

The desktop software you pay for is an annual subscription for around $120 per year and it includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft publisher.

Your business account emails are going to be managed through Microsoft Office365 Email. This is where you can connect your domain to the account (which we or GoDaddy can do for you also) and purchase individual email accounts for your business needs.

In summary, Office365 is the brand name for Microsoft products. Therefore you have the choice to pay for the Office365 Desktop Software and/or the Office365 Email (which is an additional cost above and beyond the Desktop Software) if Microsoft is the company that you want to have your emails go through. (Again, you can choose ModernWebStudios.com for your emails instead of Microsoft if you would like, and also have your email end in @yourwebsite.com)