Google Adwords is here to stay!

Since the conception in 1998, Google has rapidly risen to become the standard for Search Engines today. This standard has become so much a factor that they have dwarfed all competition leading us to say: “Google’s house, Google’s rules.”

In 2015 Google went through a major reorganization lending to new guidelines for information management. These guidelines worked towards leveling the playing field for search engine placement, leading to things being weighted differently than before.

The Challenge

At the time of this article, the best number that we could find was that there are over 2 billion websites generating a little over 1 trillion pages of data. Now add to each one of those pages desired keywords factoring in the geographical location of the business and the user, the relevance, saturation, competition and credibility of the key word; the challenge becomes very clear.

This is one of the fundamental reasons why Google has changed the process, so that these factors could be calculated as fairly as possible; based upon the volume of information that is available on the Internet. Every few months the factors are refined making search engine management a challenge for the most skilled of SEO management services.

The Process

When someone searches for a product or service it triggers Google to produce results based upon multiple factors, some of these factors are:

  • The location of the person at the time of search
  • The location of the result at the time of search
  • The total quality score of the website
  • The value of the information
  • The organizational structure of the website for recognition (mobile friendly, formatted properly)
  • The credibility of the website (the age of the website and the amount of reviews)
  • Finally, and most importantly – the popularity of the site (how many visits are coming to the site from multiple sources)

The algorithm that Google developed takes all of these factors, and more, into account in a split second; providing the results in the order that they feel that they need to be. The algorithm goes further and reorganizes information based upon how the query is made, as a statement or question. The algorithm used by Google is more apt to respond with articles for queries made in question format. For example: are you searching for “car wash” or “how do I wash your car?”. Those two queries will provide two different batches of results.

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The Solution

Geo boundaries are being heavily reconfigured with a recent influx of key term saturation from all over the world, where before it was within a specific region. This means that before your query may have produced a few thousand results, now that same query will respond with millions of results.

This makes the job of search engine optimization that much more difficult.

Part of this reorganization was to “hone in” the different products that Google could offer to help cut through the clutter. Google adwords (also known as pay per click) both refined and complicated their process with the hopes of giving customers more options to bring their results higher in the rankings. Naturally, at the end of the day fair means the guy with the most money.

Because with Google, the way to rise above the clutter is to “pay to play” to get your website, your information, your services, your products to the very top; so that people searching can find you easily.

The Conclusion

Because we’ve now breached the 2 billion website mark, with no sign of slowing, Google adwords is here to stay. Gone are the days of having a nice website with a few keywords that comes up highly ranked on Google, here are the days of key term saturation and competition to produce the results that everybody wants.

Think about it this way, you have 2 billion websites that are all competing for 10 slots, how can you possibly make that fair without making it based upon a dollar figure. Something to consider when wondering why the performance of your website isn’t where you feel it should be.

The enormity of the problem has been left to a supercomputer with an algorithm and those skilled enough to know how to provide google with the info to get that algorithm to pick your website; as the top spot.

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