Google’s New Speed Requirements

Your website loads fast, but is it up to par with Google’s new speed requirements?

With Google continually changing to meet the demands of the internet, their requirements for your website changes too; if you are not keeping up with these changes… well, you might be getting left behind. The latest and greatest… Speed.

If you haven’t done anything to address the load time speed and performance of your website in the last 4-6 months, your website is probably already suffering from the latest Google changes.

The Measuring Stick

Modern Web Studios’ websites have always “loaded” quickly because of the standard picture optimization and platform that we use… but the measuring stick that Google uses to grade your site’s load time performance has changed. Google measures your load speed time in milliseconds, so what might seem fast… isn’t fast enough  (sometimes). With Google placing more emphasis on how optimized your website and all of its scripts, images and load times are it is important to make sure you are measuring your site from Google’s perspective.

As needed we can upgrade your site to meet Google’s speed optimization requirements so you can remain competitive.

Getting Started – Analyze

You can check out the speed of your website right now with the new optimization tool by “Think with Google” just by clicking the link (opens in a new tab) and putting in your website. Google has made it pretty easy to determine if your website is mobile friendly and also how fast it loads on mobile devices as well as desktops.

Wait – wasn’t this done already?

You’re probably thinking, “well you guys built it, why isn’t it fast?!”

Well, it IS fast, and while that’s a reasonable question, you should also ask yourself “how long ago was my website built?”. Google has just recently started subtly suggesting that they are going to start ranking websites based on some new speed criteria; internet customers didn’t really see it effect their google placements until this year (April 2017). Modern Web Studios’ standard image optimization is no longer sufficient according to the new Google rules. So we have prepared for the change by updating our systems and processes to meet Google’s new criteria.

For a one time charge of $150
(this price may be higher on eCommerce sites)

So why doesn’t Modern Web Studios just do these upgrades for free?

Again, great question; let’s answer it like this.

Every year the Department of Transportation updates the guidelines for auto manufactures for the efficiency of new cars. This change effects how new cars are constructed from the date of release; cars manufactured prior to these guidelines are not upgraded for free by the auto manufacturer. If you want your car to meet the newest guidelines.. you have to pay the parts and labor to upgrade.

Modern Web Studios works hard to determine the recommendations that come from Google, its effects and cost analysis… that way you can determine if the upgrade will benefit you based on the needs your website fulfills.

What Happens in a Performance Upgrade?

We utilize programs and manually optimize your website’s images to load quickly but also strip out all of the unnecessary data that resides in the image file itself (stuff like the camera name, the author of the image, and other meta data that just bulks up the image file making it as much as 3 times the file size. We also may install a cache system to assist in maximum performance

There are lots of custom tools that are pre-packed in the websites we build to make it look really cool and interact with the visitor. These tools use scripts that load fast but might not be optimized to load their absolute fastest. See an explanation image below.

We can get your site in the Green this week, just give us a call, email us or Click Here to buy an optimization package today.