Google’s New Speed Requirements

Your website loads fast, but is it up to par with Google’s new speed requirements?

With Google continually changing to meet the demands of the internet, their requirements for your website changes too; if you are not keeping up with these changes… well, you might be getting left behind. The latest and greatest… Speed.If you haven’t done anything… Read more of this article

How to Reply to a Google Review

Like it or not, reviews are here to stay. Google, Angies List, Yelp and more have built their platforms on the open forum of leaving opinions of how their experience was. Because this is now part of our culture… it’s equally important to keep an eye on your reviews, especially on Google. Obviously good businesses will always strive to be the best whether… Read more of this article

The importance of using a UNIQUE and Strong Password in Your Online Accounts

Like it or not, computers are a part of every aspect our lives and because were creatures of habit, we tend to use the same password for everything. Sometimes we even get a little creative and change it up for certain websites that have more important information like online banking; but for the most part we use one email address and one password for every website… Read more of this article

What is the “Speed of Awesome”

Everyone’s heard of the speed of light and the speed of sound, but what is the speed of awesome? Is it a measurement to identify how fast a task is completed? No, not really… The Speed of Awesome is a concept, rather a mindset of how a task is accomplished that I developed many years ago when working in a variety of different industries. It takes into account different… Read more of this article

How do I choose what gets put in the description in a Google Search Result?

You only have two options (below) because Google chooses for you based on the search term the person used in their search…   The screen shot below was taken from’s direct answer to this question ( We can make the site not allow Google to choose for you using Option… Read more of this article

Steps to Gift Someone Money (fee Free!) in PayPal

Have you ever wanted to send someone money from your PayPal account but didn’t want the person to have to pay fees to process the payment? Well, you can! All you have to do is “Gift” it to them.   Steps to “Gift” someone money in PayPal:Login to PayPal Click “Money” on the left Click “Send Money” on the left Click “Send… Read more of this article

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

The staff and families at Modern Web Studios would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Independence Day. How blessed are we that we can live in a country that allows us the freedom to be entrepreneurs and follow the American dream. We must never take for granted the sacrifices that have been made over the years to keep those freedoms secure.… Read more of this article

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Website!

The information superhighway has raised the speed limit so you need to keep your website tuned up if you’re going to stay in the race! Google has launched an overhaul of it’s search indexing and Modern Web Studios has kept pace to make sure YOU have what you need to succeed. The latest edition of the Cubit CMS has some awesome eye candy features to help… Read more of this article

Create a Call to Action to make your customers DO something!

So you have a great looking, functional website… You have put all the right things in the right places to get picked up by search engines. You’re ranking well.. but the phone is just not ringing…. Maybe it is because there is no Call-To-Action! Shoppers today are looking for a Deal! Often they “surf the net” looking for the company… Read more of this article

The Small Business Start-up Kit

Welcome to Small Business Ownership!

We would like to congratulate you on your new business and encourage you to take all the rights steps in the beginning of what we hope will be a very successful business for you. It is our opinion that there is no greater satisfaction than building something from the ground up with your own blood sweat and tears. Sure, it’s… Read more of this article