Kim Duncan Auction & Realty – Website Rebuild

We’ve just launched the New Website for Kim Duncan Auction & Realty!

From the start of Kim’s experience with Modern Web Studios in June of 2016, she’s been editing her website and enjoying the ability to get assistance as needed while she maintains her listings and upcoming Auction events. She has always been happy with the service she’s been provided so naturally when she felt it was time to redesign her website to make the look and feel more current, she returned for a rebuild with us. We’re grateful for her loyalty and made sure the rebuild was not just affordable but we were able to get the new website built with speed and efficiency while her old website was never down for any period of time.  We hope you like her new website as much as she does. We look forward to our continued business relationship as well as providing some Google and Social Media Marketing for her in the coming months!

Check it out yourself here!

If you’d like to get your website rebuilt whether you are an existing modern web Studios client or not, give us a call today at (888) 987-7771 or fill out the short quote request form below and we will schedule a free consultation to go over your website and marketing goals.