Website Referral Program

Referral Program –
You get $100

Refer a friend to us, they buy a website, we pay you $100!

How It Works:

Step 1: Join Our Referral Program
As a valued customer, you’re automatically eligible for our Referral Program. There’s no extra sign-up process – you’re ready to start right away! All you need to do is reach out to us so we can set you up with a special referral link that you use on social media and in emails which will track your visitor clicks and when someone buys, we will know it was yours! We will also give you a special discount coupon code to give them that will get them $100 off their website as well! And that code is an additional way we can track your visitor clicks.

Step 2: Spread the Word
Share your unique referral link and/or coupon code with friends, family, or anyone who might be interested in getting a new website. You can share it through social media, email, or even in a good old-fashioned conversation.

Step 3: They Sign Up, You Earn
Every time someone signs up for our services using your referral link and makes a qualifying purchase, we’ll notify you.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Reward
Once their purchase is confirmed, we’ll send out your check! (or give you a credit for hosting or future products or services, which ever you prefer at the time). The best part? There’s no limit to how many times you can earn this bonus!

Program Rules:

1. Eligibility: All existing customers in good standing are eligible to participate in our Referral Program.

2. Referral Reward: For each new customer you refer who makes a qualifying purchase, you’ll receive a $100 bonus.

3. New Customers Only: The program applies to new customers only. The referred customer must not have any prior purchases or accounts with us.

4. No Limits: There is no cap on the number of new customers you can refer. For every new customer who makes a qualifying purchase, you get rewarded – it’s that simple!

5. Referral Tracking: Use your unique referral link for tracking. Referrals not using the link cannot be credited to your account.

6. Payment of Referral Fees: Referral fees are credited directly to your account within a specified period after the new customer’s purchase is confirmed.

7. No Fraudulent Activity: Any abuse of the program, including referrals made through unsolicited emails or other spamming techniques, will result in immediate termination from the program and forfeiture of any pending rewards.

8. Program Changes: We reserve the right to modify or terminate the Referral Program at any time. However, we will honor any referral rewards earned prior to any changes.

9. Compliance with Terms of Service: Participation in the Referral Program is subject to our standard Terms of Service.

Start sharing your unique referral link today and enjoy the benefits of being a part of our community! Your support in spreading the word about our services is invaluable, and we can’t wait to reward you for it!