Warning Your Domain May Expire

Don’t let your domain name expire, take a few minutes and verify your account is up to date with an email you check regularly and that the credit card on file for payment/renewal is current and active. The Domain Name for your website (www.yourdomain.com) can expire, if it does it can be very difficult and even costly to get back. Over the years domain companies… Read more of this article

Do YOU Own Your Google Business Listing or Does a Competitor?

Have you taken the time to claim your business listings? Your competitor may have already! Every day businesses fall prey to unclaimed business listings that their competitors swoop in and take from them unknowingly. This allows them to give your customers the impression that they are talking to you, but they’re actually talking to your competitor! What can… Read more of this article

All mobile devices do not display your website the same

All devices (phones, tablets laptops and desktops) display background images the same way – except the Apple Mobile IOS… This viewport, to accurately display background images, has been a problem with the Apple IOS Mobile since the invention of mobile responsive website; despite other manufactures keeping up with the technology. What happens… Read more of this article