Your Email Account has possibly been hacked

I know this sounds scary and technically it’s not a good thing, however it is repairable.

Things that confirm your email has been hacked:

  • You’re receiving a large number of bounced emails (emails that are coming from other servers that are saying the email has been sent to an account that does not exist and they’ve provided something like a subject line or the body of the email and its for sure something you have not sent.)
  • You’ve been contacted by one of your contacts and they’ve told you that you sent them an email that looked like a spam or dangerous email. You would of course need to confirm this truly came from your account by looking at your sent folder and finding the sent email there or asking them to forward it to you and confirming that it truly came from your account and not a spoofed account acting like yours. Naturally, this is not been confirmed if there’s only one person that’s saying they received this email. This usually happens to everyone on your contact list. (Which is why you want to use STRONG passwords and also, never click on a link in an email without hovering over the link to see where it takes you. Many email spammers and cyber criminals make you think the email is coming from somewhere like PayPal or Amazon and tell you to click a link and the link just results in you downloading a Trojan script that allows them access to your computer.)


  1. Change your password to something very VERY strong.
  2. Install and Run a scan with Norton Anti-Virus (we recommend the paid version, it’s reasonably prices) as well as MalwareBytes (free is sufficient). These will find and remove almost any virus.

Important: Do not consider anything safe and secure if all you do is step 1 above, changing your password is not sufficient if you have malware on your computer or a virus that’s sending the new password to the hacker. You need to remove the problem.

We do not clean computers that are compromised with malware or viruses but we can recommend one of our clients as well as the company we use for any kinds of computer problems that arise for us here at Modern Web Studios…   
Bob Plourde at 951-352-2587
(Mon-Fri: 9:00am till 6:00pm Pacific Time)

Also, make sure you ask him about setting up an offsite backup of any computer that’s crucial to your business operations so that if something ever did happen catastrophic, he could help get you back on track by restoring a backup.